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Fresh Black Girls: JJ Fad!

12 June 2007 2 Comments

Before I even really get started here I wanted to make sure to archive all of the “Fresh Black Girls” I can think of. In fact, from here on out I will be discussing and posting a nice pic of what I consider some Fresh Black Girls and telling you why at least weekly. And yes I used the word “fresh”. It just fits. And I use the word “girls” because we’re forever young in that way that melanin guarantees, not young in the mind or anything like that. Ok anyway these ladies have been on my mind since me and my girl D did “Supersonic” at karaoke a few weeks ago:

Some of you people born in the 80’s (or even 90’s) may be confused by Fergie’sFergalicious” (although I admit that I jam to it every so often), its a nice rip off of “Supersonic.” Please realize that these ladies were the originals. “Supersonic” hit in 1988 and changed the whole game up as the first Grammy nominated record by a female hip-hop group. Why isn’t THAT a black history month factoid, I ask you?

Not only that, but look at their hair and outfits. Those are clearly permed-down mushroom cuts but they still managed to have that floppy fly-away look that was the cornerstone of late 80’s black beauty (I think it makes you seem like you had “good hair”, which was more important at the time). They’re wearing white-rimmed sunglasses and sports-oriented ensembles indoors with neither hints of irony nor lesbianism. And, they’re smiling and not bent over. I really wonder what became of them. Fresh.


  • Kelly said:

    Guess what groundbreaking female hip hop group you, me, and (Barbra maybe?) are being for Halloween this year?

    Dibs on the pink spandex fit.

    You think I’m kidding…

  • Julian said:

    Note that Regina King, aka Brenda Jenkins (circa “227”) completely ripped the little cute one’s style.

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