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Pics from the Jungle Fever Convention

13 June 2007 3 Comments

How did these two manage to get in a photo together? Shar looks like a kid meeting Santa. I can’t help but take this chance to comment on the ridiculousness of her inclusion on the show “The Ex-Wives Club” when she was never married to K-Fed or anyone else for that matter. Hopefully BET will start a show called the “Baby Mommas Club” where the hosts motivate women by reminding them that they can always keep their baby daddy on permanent jumpoff standby with no questions asked and ask him for money to buy “formula” if money gets tight.


  • Julian said:

    I attended this convention! Quite eventful. Montel Williams gave a keynote. Robert DeNiro had to be removed from the opening night party for his informal study on whether black women’s areolas are the same color as their eyes. Bill Maher got excited and pulled Kerry Washington’s hair to see if it was real. It wasn’t.

    Taye Diggs and Cuba Gooding, Jr. held a prayer vigil, at which we all prayed at the feet of a plain looking dirty blonde; it might’ve been David Spade actually.

    Aaliyah Williams and Shelby Washington did keg stands with Whoopi Goldberg.

    Quinci Jones was victorious over Sydney Poitier in Sunday Night’s Game of “Who’s Child Can Most Easily Pass (Non-Italian-ish Edition).” For that he won the box set of Alex Haley’s “Queen.”

  • Julian said:

    shar jones is a bastard factory

  • Julian said:

    shar jackson rather…

    … is still a bastard factory

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