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"What The Eff"? Wednesday: Odunde Pics

20 June 2007 8 Comments

For the non-Philadelphians out there, Odunde is a huge annual African Diaspora-themed street fair. With around 500,000 attendees, I estimate that around 25,000 chickens and 40,000 shrimp were consumed. Did I say shrimp? Oh my bad. When black people eat them, they’re called shrimps. Sigh…

Of future concern are “aks” instead of “ask”, the suddenly acceptable “umberella” instead of “umbrella” and “conversate” instead of “converse.” Also can we please stop walking into takeout establishments and starting our orders with “Lemme git…”?

Thanks to Ginneh and Michelle M for the pic!


  • Ginneh said:

    i recently heard: “brekfix” instead of breakfast “stifen” instead of stipend and “split your risks” instead of “slit your wrists” sigh.

  • Julian said:

    my friend Q hipped me to this one. instead of “i beg to differ,” try “i bags to diff’rent.”

  • Thembi said:

    Ok, ok…an old jawn once said “techno shot” instead of “tetanus shot” and insisted it’s “to which its own” instead of “to each his own.”

  • Dara said:

    my personal favorites:”anshus” instead of anxious, “bootsie” instead of bougie (im not even lying), and “instigrate” instead of instigate.

    keep hope alive.

  • Guillermo A. said:

    “this needs done” instead of “this needs to be done”

    “walmark” instead of “walmart”

    i’ll have more after i see my mother-in-law tonight

  • Julian said:

    french benefits instead of fringe benefits.

  • Golden Silence said:

    “Burnin’ nubble” instead of “Barnes & Noble.” Sigh.

  • Anonymous said:

    “credick” instead of “credit”

    wtf? foreigners come to this country and learn standard English from watching the television.

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