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Fresh Black Girls: Aisha Tyler!

27 July 2007 4 Comments

Those of you who know me personally knew this was coming… I wrote Aisha Tyler somewhat of a fan/advice letter when I was trying out stand-up comedy in 2004 and she personally responded. I wrote to her because I ‘talk white’ and I can’t and won’t do anything about that to please others, which makes it harder to spread my gift of a funny bone sometimes. Aisha has pretty much turned ‘talking white’ into trailblazing. I mean honestly, look at the mainstream black comediennes who have hosted shows and done a few acting bits but aren’t really actors: Niecy Nash with that flower? Sherri Shepherd on The View being an Uncle Thomasina? Maybe I could get behind Wanda Sykes, but all of them are so…black, that their acceptance by the mainstream is suspicious, and NONE of them are hot enough to have been in their skivvies in Maxim magazine like Aisha (all six feet tall of her, which makes her FIERCE in my book). She also wrote Swerve: A Guide to the Sweet Life for Postmodern Girls which I read and laughed through from cover to cover. Most sweatworthy is that she graduated from Dartmouth and was the first black recurring character on Friends – and she didn’t go “Mmm Hmm girl…” a single time. I honestly can’t think of many black girls fresher than Aisha. And ‘talking white’ rocks.


  • Nancy said:

    she is also one of the only black female actresses who is happily married and doesn’t behave/isn’t portrayed as suicidal, man-hating, sex-crazed, and/or plastic-surgery obsessed! but notice how, because of these things, and because she is an awesome person/role model, no one ever talks about her hardly at all in the media, go figure…i heart aisha tyler! i wanna see her response to you on this blog!

  • Thembi said:

    Her response was kind of long to post but it came down to just being yourself, because if I try to be someone else I’ll be crappy. It very well could have been written by an assistant, but I like to think that since she’s not busy getting coked up and driving reckless she had time to personally respond. A factioid is that her and her husband have a huge home brewery. If I had to be anyone besides Thembi I’d probably be Aisha.

  • Dara said:

    i could have really used to her to face the flames of 3 years of middle school and city day camp where everyone wanted to fight me for my diction.

  • Aaliyah said:

    i’m sorry i’m late on this, but i’m catching up on my WWTD knowledge and i have to say I HEART AISHA TOO!! she’s also a screenwriter. i’m hoping her screenplay will get made someday soon. BLACK WOMAN POWER!!! (let me qualify that as intellegent black women who speak articulately with correct “white” english minus neck rolls and finger snaps and are properly groomed either nappy or straight but are unquestionably and unappologetically black)

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