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Hair Freaks: Hip Hop Hair Freaks

18 July 2007 4 Comments

Some people are ‘different’ enough in the hair department that they’re referred to as “that girl with the hair,” a phrase that has been used to describe me a few times. Hair freaks, myself included, can be found in every niche of society, but in this post I’ll just be focusing on Hip-Hoppers. Note: I left out anyone with that West Coast ‘pimp’ hair, so Snoop, Ice-T, and their corkscrew-curled brethren will be absent here.

Old School:

Lots of people had flat-tops back then but Kwame with his streak and Kid with his aerodynamics were both notable. I had big crushes on each of them at some point (and Play, too).


Elephant Man isn’t Hip-Hop, but what is going on here?

I loved this pickaninny. The fact that the same white people who used to buy ODB albums with a straight face are now paranoid about using ‘nappy’ or the ‘n-word’ shows that these are trying times we live in.

Krs-One has had dreads for like 10 years. Why don’t they grow? Is he cutting them or something?

The Obscure:

The little lightskinned huge afro-dude to the left was in the background of every Hip-Hop video in the 90’s, a fact that The Roots spoofed in their video “What They Do.” I still don’t know who he is.

They do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say…remember that MC Hammer backup dancer with that pointy-gelled business? It was like the ultimate scrunch wave. I got this from the video for that Addams Family song.

Let me know if I left anyone out…


  • BlogXilla said:

    That light Skinned dude is Baby Powder you might remember him from the MTV show Lyricist Lounge show.. it was wild style before Wild style was out…


  • Thembi said:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…you just solved one of the great mysteries of my teenage years. But why was he in al those videos?

  • Ginneh said:

    Although I don’t know if you would consider him “hip-hop” I think AJ from 106 & Park at least deserves an honorable mention for his braid-locks.

  • Julian said:

    pure genius. this is very important reference material

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