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Lost In Translation?

31 July 2007 3 Comments

I’m headed to Tokyo this week and a friend sent me this link from blacktokyo.com.
Whoever wrote this really has the inside scoop of what it means to be black. As a black person, I for one cannot bear the thought of spending more than a few days in any city unless I know the price of watermelon and where I can pick up an emergency pair of drawers.

Black Tokyo Top Ten List
1. Japanese kids pay over $100 to make their hair nappy
2. Theirs only one Black Barbershop in Tokyo!!
3. A watermelon can cost up to $100 in a department store
4. The word for Black people in Japanese is Kokujin or Brothas-REALLY
5. English teachers in Japan make at least $20 an hour
6. You can buy milk from a vending machine
7. You can buy hot coffee from a vending machine
8. You can even buy a pair of drawers from a vending machine!!!!
9. People still think break dancing is in.
10. Some one actually asked me half a year ago to spin on my head for an audition before I walked out on them..


  • Dara said:

    i think its funny that this list suggests that its absurd to want your hair to be nappy…i mean, plenty of brown folks pay a hell of a lot more than that to get their hair bone straight and platinum. or to make it look like it grows as microscopic braids straight from the scalp. nappy hair is worth way more than a hundred bucks, i know if i lost my kinks tomorrow id be willing to dish out the big bucks to get em back. holler.

  • natural muze said:

    you know what? i have a friend that lives there and she says that black people and culture are like rockstars to them. that’s pretty hilarious. i think it’s kind of flattering actually. i mean, it is stereotypical, yes, but at least they’re not trying to be 50 cent and video girls and calling it ‘black.’

  • hottnikz said:

    You can buy hot coffee & milk from the vending machine at my job. However, they have us beat with the drawers.

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