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Random Facebook Message: July 10 2007

10 July 2007 10 Comments
I think I got this one because I have a South African name.

how sweety, its good to be writing you today on myspace..i am glad i took this route today and i am glad i didnt forgo the opportunity of talking to a cute chick like u while on my walk through the street of facebook, its amazing the kinda ppl u meet when you take a walk on through myspace..lol anyway how r u and hope u r doing good, i would take a walk through this road daily if it would only allow me the opportunity of talking to u at least for a few minutes because to me this is new , its fine, most times very interesting…thats how it feels when u have a new gift, friends or lease of life……..if u ask me i would say thats how i want life to b with me…always exciting n challenging ..thats another reason i am on here n i am sending you this email…i want to b a friend n ur friend..want to enjoy ur crazy side n ur weird over the roof side of life…and above all i want to b able to put a fine smile on ur beautiful face..so if u think this is not asking for too much…plzz holla back at me, knock on my door when you walk this street called facebook. if i am not at home holla at me and i would holla back, i would love to be your friend drop a mail in my mail box…… or on here and lets c where this walk would take us…and don’t forget to smile even if this email don’t interest u……. but i really would b looking forward to having u around.. love jd


  • BlogXilla said:

    Now im going to think twice whenever i send someone a message.

  • moira43 said:

    This happens to me ALL the time. Mostly on MySpace and from guys in Egypt.

  • Aaliyah said:

    and that’s why i utilize facebook’s security controls. WOW.

  • Emily said:

    wait was it myspace or facebook? does he think they’re the same thing? like “myspace” is the generic term, like xerox? i’m so confused… by all of it. but mostly that.
    no, by all of it.

  • Dara said:

    i dunno thembi…if you kinda squint your eyes and tilt your head to the left he kind of looks like an updated version of marlon wayans. who is okaaay. yeaaaah-noooo. no. never mind, youre on your own.

  • Thembi said:

    Dude, it WAS through Facebook. I guess this is his standard
    template for these messages and he didnt edit it…which may be saddest of all since that probably means that he considers the rest of the message golden

  • Edgar said:

    thembi, this guy sounds like such a charmer! you’re facebook infamy knows no bounds

  • Aida said:

    i know what he means…i love enjoying your over the roof side when i am walking down the street called facebook.

  • donald said:


  • Q said:


    what was it with him and “walking through the streets of ______” ???


    Did you go knock on his “facebook” door?

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