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"What The Eff?" Wednesday: Monster Pets Protest

31 July 2007 4 Comments

I know it’s Tuesday, but I’m brimming with what the eff-ness today so I gotta put this up early.

My photographer friend and I went to Monster Pets on Delaware Avenue to buy a scorpion and tarantula so that he could take some Discovery Channel-style photos. On our way out we saw this nonsense. There were five or six protesters, one of which was on crutches, another of which was an old lady, and all of which looked like they don’t use shampoo. “They’re treating the animals terribly in there!” one granola-type exclaimed as she handed us a flyer explaining how they cruelly hold mice by the tail to move them from cage to cage and the dangers of “puppy mills,” where Monster Pets gets its animals. Being raised by a veterinarian, I happen to know that dogs HAVE to be bred somehow – what are you supposed to do, send two dogs out for dinner and a movie and hope nature takes its course? But I didn’t say anything until the guy to the left had the nerve to start telling us about how ideal his vegan lifestyle is. I am looking at your belly hanging over your pants and you expect me to believe you’re a vegan? Clearly it hasn’t quite paid off for him. Meanwhie this stupid girl has herself stuffed into a cage wearing a puppy mask in 80 degree weather. I like animals and all but give me a break. This is an example of something you have to be pretty lame to spend Saturday morning doing. Michael Vick, if you’re out there holla back.


  • Aida said:

    have to disagree on this one. for one thing, the sight of michael vick LITERALLY triggers vomit in the back of my throat. have you read his indictment? it’s DISGUSTING. and for another thing, dogs are seriously seriously overpopulated. most shelters have to kill animals that don’t get adopted because people are paying ridiculous amounts of money for purebred dogs. (a fact that, incidentally, reeks of racism mapped onto other species.) i can’t lie — sitting in a cage with a small group of unhygenic seniors does seem silly and ineffective –but i’m with them on the sentiment here…

  • hottnikz said:

    Thembi I feel you on this one. Are they protesting about cruelty on human life at any of the “Stop The Violence” rallies and vigils? Probably not. I not for animal cruelty at all, but I am more worried about human life. Our city is in turmoil, with the murder rate as high as it is. Use that same energy to protest to have stricter gun laws or something.

  • Aida said:

    What??? Why would it be a matter of either advocate for human rights or for animal rights?

  • Thembi said:

    The difference between human racial differences and dog breeds is that breeds actually have inherent different characteristics of health and behavior. If I’m looking for a dog I wouldn’t want an aggressive doberman or a hyper hunting dog because thats just not the kind of thing I want in my home, not even a mutt with some of those traits would work. Breeders often lie about the lineage of dogs of course, but I’d pick a well-bred docile animal before a mixed breed who could be half Cujo anyday.

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