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Whoa, Nelly!

19 July 2007 12 Comments

Councilman Michael Polensek, 57, wrote the letter below to Arsenio Winston, 18, after learning of the teenager’s arrest on a felony drug trafficking charge. This is an actual COUNCILMAN – the original letter was written on City of Cleveland stationary, and he even copied the Chief of Police. Mr. Winston’s family is planning on taking legal action against the councilman. And, you guessed it, the perp is the guy on the right.

The quotation marks, though?I just can’t believe it…

Hey, aren’t Bone Thugs N’ Harmony from St Clair Avenue? Holla!

Dear Mr Winston,

As Councilman representing Cleveland’s 11th Ward, I have been notified once again that you have been arrested for dealing drugs in my ward, this time at the Convenient Food Mart located at 18506 St Clair Avenue in the parking lot.

Mr. Winston, you have to be “dumber than mud.” Don’t you know that one of your so-called friends from the ‘8th-Avenue” gang ratted your stupid “ass” out that you were dealing drugs from the parking lot? They cut a deal. So much for your wonderful pals, you idiot. I am so glad that you are now 18 years of age, because now you are an adult and can no longer hide behind the juvenile court system, Mr. Quarterback, loser. Remember when you told me to “kiss your black ass” at R.J. Taylor Playground, and that you were going to be an NFL Quarterback? Well, the NFL, despite perceptions, is “not for losers!”

In closing, I told you just recently to stay out of my neighborhood, you crack dealing piece of trash. Yet, you keep coming back because you think you are a big man. Well, real men go to school or to work every day and take care of their family, and not through illegal drug activity. You are a “thug” and you know what? There are only two places you will end up at the rate you are going – that is, prison or the nearest funeral home. Quite frankly, I don’t care which one you get to first as long as your dumb stupid ass is out of my neighborhood.

Have a wonderful life, Arsenio. I am sure you have made your mother real proud. Remember when I spoke to her one of the other times that you wee arrested for assaulting a police officer on East 185th Street? Only a moron would do that. Your fate is totally in your own hands; which, is a scary thought.

Go to jail or the cemetary soon,

Michael D. Polensek, Councilman, Ward 11

Courtesy of Emily H.


  • gmFb said:

    jesus christ.

  • Aida said:

    are you serious?

  • Invisible Woman said:

    Hate to say it, but it’s a letter that we would like to write any drug dealer that would ply his trade in the vicinity of where we live. The “no he didn’t” factor comes from the fact that a councilman would write this and cc the police chief. Now that’s what I call a “dumb stupid ass”.

  • dburt said:

    Does it sting more because a white man threw some stones?….I’m sure folks know how I feel…..at this point I don’t care who throws the stones….somebody has to….and the fact that it was White councilman might actually get him to straighten up..that is the irony and shame….you saw how negroes became mad “all of the sudden” when Imus threw some stones but when Snoop Dog disrespected Black women for more than a decade, all you could hear were crickets and women continued to “drop it like its hot.”….the ENTIRE community should be speaking like the councilman about the nonsense.
    dburt aka Afronerd

  • Thembi said:

    Yeah but, isn’t there something to be said for decorum? He’s no better than homegirl talking about her labia in public and he’s a public offical who said “dumb stupid ass” in a government document…

  • I'm as random as it gets said:

    whoa, he’s out of line! sounds a lil demented to me. maybe he feels a whole lot better now! lol

  • I'm as random as it gets said:

    whoa, he’s out of line! sounds a lil demented to me. maybe he feels a whole lot better now! lol

  • Nancy said:

    i had a better comment but forgot it when i sniggled at the label: white people is funny.

    this dude clearly feels personally hurt by this guy, and decided to go all bill cosby on him, which, because he’s not bill cosby, didn’t work. i think what is really interesting is that he actually let his emotions come through – a total no-no for politicians. i’m impressed by the pride he seems to feel about his ghetto community, and i really do think this kid frustrated him growing up in his neighborhood and messing it up even more – he might be one of those politicians who spends their time trying to rehab kids, taking them under his wing, etc…and this guy’s refusal to go along with his plan could have po’d him. very interesting that he let his guard down.

  • Ginneh said:

    you right…white people sho’ ‘liz funny. hehehe

  • Richard What_son said:

    I want to read the letter he writes to the family after their lawsuit against him gets thrown out of court.

  • JustMeWriting said:

    It’s wild that this would come from a man of his authority, but it reminds me of the words I continue to support from Bill Cosby.

  • Felix said:

    Run this guy for President….

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