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THIS is what WWTD Readers Are Made Of!

23 August 2007 3 Comments

From Aaliyah “Oxygen Chest” Williams:

so, i promise i’m telling the truth, the whole truth, so help me GOD.

yesterday, i’m in nordstrom’s looking for an outfit for my boss for a photo shoot that she’s in to celebrate her fabulousness and entre into the world of black entertainment. so as i’m walking out with this gorgeous piece of finery for my mentor i damn near literally run into BUMPER ROBINSON. at first i just said, hi – you know with the standard black nod. and then i nearly fainted. i did a double-take and was like WTF, is that BUMPER ROBINSON?!? and my trusty fashion guru friend – Earl – confirmed. and he was like, damn girl are you swooning?? are you having a moment?? and i realized that yes, indeed, i was. i mean he took me back to that first time you know that you’re on your way to becoming a woman – when you get that flutter and tingle that starts in your bossom, works its way down to cause a ruckus in your stomach and keeps traveling south. YES – he took me there. his skin- flawless – people black really doesn’t crack – especially silk, good hair black. and he must be aware of the good hair gone bad syndrome, b/c his curls have been replaced with a low fade that sets off his maturity. he was rocking a pink t-shirt and jeans – but still exuded nothing but fine, man. I walked out of Nordstrom’s trying hard to get my shit together – it definitely took a good 5 min. But those 30 seconds of witnessing all grown up Bumper in the flesh reminded me that GOD is good. Thank you, Bumper, for taking me to church!!


i’m keeping my eye out for allen payne

holla at ya girl,

Thembi says: Yes Aaliyah. This shows true commitment on your part. Of all the Hollywood events and professional endeavors you attend, you saw him at Nordstrom’s?! At least that cements my theory on his career. If you say he’s fine, then I believe it. How far downhill could “Clarence the So-Fine” really go anyway? Still, I firmly believe that I would have personally felt some kind of way about his hair whatever it was looking like – remember I live in Philly where the shape-up is king. But please do lookout for Allen and any other good hair gone in any direction – let’s officially call it the “Quadroon Quest,” and keep it crackin’. I love you to pieces, girl.
For everyone else out there, I’m always recruiting minions to do Thembi’s work, so don’t be shy and keep your eyes peeled!


  • Julian said:

    look at you and your coononymous sources

  • hottnikz said:

    The shape up is king ’round these parts, you never lied about that. I do have to admit I was into a few of ‘good hair’ (I hate that term now) brothers.

    Allen Payne

    Bumper Robinson


    Special Ed

    Christopher Williams

    All have since disappointed me as far as fame goes, except for Prince, who I am still in lust for.

  • Thembi said:

    hottniks, theres a post on Allen Payne in my archives to soothe that good hair moneky if you havent seen it yet…

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