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Good Hair Gone Bad: Devante Swing

28 September 2007 33 Comments

Good Hair: Jodeci was put together by the pretty one, Devante Swing. I always thought that Mr. Dalvin was the cute one, but next to K-Ci and JoJo, who looked like two crispy Gremlin-Sea Monkey hybrids, anyone who washed his face this morning would look like tasty melted butter. I definitely had a crush on that Devante swagger though – just look at that exposed chest! The group’s image, created by none other than P-Diddy, was based on this edgy hip-hop/r&b combo that kept us all wondering which would happen first – would that vein in K-Ci’s neck explode before Devante just whipped “it” out for the ladies? This was gritty, nasty swerve music. The group released 3 albums between 1991 and 1995 and I’d be willing to bet that at least 50% of the black children conceived during that period were made to some Jodeci music. Although his mediocre singing voice kind of made him the “Ringo Starr” of Jodeci, Devante created the Swing Mob collective in 1992 and started producing and writing music for Missy, Timbaland, Tweet, Ginuwine, and that whole crew.
Gone: Then things got ugly. . . not only did Jodeci spawn a bunch of sub par imitators that contributed to the near-death of R&B (think Next, Dru Hill, and the like), Uptown Records folded and Swing Mob mysteriously dissolved. Rumor has it that there were a whole lot of hard drugs being passed around in the Jodeci camp – including a major cocaine habit of K-Ci’s that Mary J. Blige, who was dating him at the time, has been very open about having led to her own addiction. I’m not one to gossip but could Devante have been far behind? We know what happened to Missy and Timbaland and all of them, so isn’t kind of suspicious that Devante dropped out of the picture ? Just what are the whereabouts of one Devante Swing?

Bad: These days Devante looks piped out to the fullest! It’s OK to not have a career anymore after like 12 years of being out of the spotlight. It’s OK that the artists that you discovered and groomed branched out and did their own thing without you, and all went on to be ridiculously successful. It’s even ok that you got a little older and crustier because after all, it has been over ten years and you’re not a teenager anymore. But why are you crackhead skinny? And what in the name of Stoney Jackson made you pull your hair back like that?!?! The hair was random enough back in the day but we loved that kind of quadroonery in the 90’s. This won’t fly in 2007! I’m also concerned about these face tattoos, which are a clear signal to the rest of society that you permanently just don’t care if people think you’re a Maori tribesman or a Mexican gang member or Steve Tyler from Aerosmith or what (yes I’m talking to you too, Mike Tyson). Somebody please put this brother through rehab…


  • ambboogie said:

    Damn that last pic of Devante looks like he just smoked some REAL ROCKS

    like the ones you get from the playground.

    I feel bad for them but I don’t… Jodeci got the Bobby Brown syndrome.. after they were successful, they thought they were invincible and that they would ALWAYS be hot.

    Reality smacked the shyt outta them and now they can’t handle it.


  • Q said:


    As opposed to coonery??


  • Mrs. Grapevine said:

    On all the pictures I have he looks gay more so than a crackhead. I guess that’s why he got the tattoo on the face, so he can look more “hard”. He has on a see through shirt with a picture of some flames and cute heart tatted on his face. Need I say more…

    LOL, I can’t believe I had a crush on this man.

  • Ninjagirrl said:

    Thembi my fucking feelings are so hurt by these pictures!!!DeVante looks cracktastic!!

    *dies @ amb REAL ROCKS*

    Qaudroonery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *adds to my vocab list next to coondamonium,nigglature, and coonerific*
    Time for a true life story:
    In my city, Rochester NY, (don’t laugh) that whole little Swing Mob collective came to town to live for a whole summer because we have good CHEAP recording studios.Jodeci fucked their way thru my city and needless to say there are a lot of children here that resemble various members of that crew (eek!) except for Missy (I think, but I’m going to go ahead and say that Missy probably laid the pipe down here too) Oh and yes we have a large amount of children named Devante, Dalvin, and even (I SWEAR) Jodeci!!!!
    Another fun fact: during the time they lived here, Ginuwine (who had no record at the time) worked at the Foot Locker. I personally bought a pair of shell-toed Adidas from him….
    (i know ya’ll think I’m playing but sadly I am not)

  • Q said:


    Ninja I want to die at your true story/ fun fact combo…. is this during Ginuwine’s (AKA Elgin Baylor Lumpkin)tenure as a male stripper as well??

  • Thembi said:

    If you liked this post check out my other Good Hair Gone Bad victims – Allen Payne and Christopher Williams…

  • KelleBelle said:

    Um…did anyone else notice K-Ci and Ashford are wearing the SAME white pleated pants? Bet my paycheck K-Ci has got that gay-maican tank resting on the piano. Bet.

  • Luscious Librarian said:

    So…um who is braiding his hair? Because it looks a hot mess with that one errant braid onthe side and I think we’ve moved from quadroonery to ocataroonery in 2007 (see Evan Ross, Diana’s youngest tot). The light ones never really age too well. Hopefully young even will escape the curse.

  • Nancy said:

    i know SO many lil chaps named Devante and Dalvin it isn’t even funny…the face tat is just SAD, so sad…and those other two were HORRID LOOKING! i used to DREAM of devante, and this is now turning into a new nightmare. poor thing. (but guh to what we thought was hot back then! that hair! that rose! ridiculous!)

  • justjudith said:

    this might be one of the saddest falls ever. where is their vh1 behind the music? i’ve said for years bet needs one bc there are sooooooooo many black groups that just fell off the earth (and sadly landed on some HARD times.) k-ci (still a weird spelling) looks bad and devante looks worse. face tattoos? really? eek. i can’t listen to cry 4 u again…i will but i’ll have to block these pix from the ol’ memory banks. i’m gonna cry for them…

  • Julian said:

    This alone might put you in line for the Pulitzer.

  • Nancy said:

    JUST JUDITH – you are so on! WHERE is their VH1 behind the music? I Cry Racist! Racist! Thank goodness we have Thembi to keep the justice – the Al Sharpton of pop culture…speaking of good hair gone bad….

  • BeautyinBaltimore said:

    Drugs will turn you inside out.

  • Lola Gets said:

    Hey! You leave the Maori tribesmen alone!! Theyre hot!

  • Stacy said:

    LOL, damn lord knows I used to love me some Devante… why did I have to see those pics??

  • NatiBaby said:

    Dont you think its really sad that such a pioneer has ended up like this?? Devante is like a legend still till today so many bite from Jodeci. He bought in so many but when it came down to it he couldnt help the most important person.
    Its sad that there is anyone really from such a good decade for music still around apart from Mary J Blige

  • Anonymiss said:

    @ NatiBaby

    Did you ever see documentaries on Ginuwine and Missy? I know for sure that it was a BET doc on Ginuwine back in ’03/’04. Probably saw Missy’s on E! or VH1 that same year.

    DeVante’s ego screwed him up. And I’m mad he put them up in an apt in Rochester (NY) and all they had to eat were ramen noodles.

    Ginuwine claims that DeVante put a gun to him while they were backstage at his show.

    And I noticed K-Ci’s bird-chested ass in that pic. The blogs were eating him alive when those pics came out.

  • Jessica said:


  • plumkin999 said:

    Jessica, please girl…I met devante in 2002 we hung twice… 2nd date nigger was in my bathroom …. smoking crack, when he came out I told him to get out of my house. He began crying …. how he’s trying to get his act together….. so u saying he clean now

  • Anonymous said:

    All I have too say is that besides the tat on his face and being a little darker he doesn’t (to me) look like he’s (not that I personally know) being doing crack. Just think people that’s been at least 15 or more years ago. Does anyone truly look the same as they did back then?? And even if he is smoking (crack) let’s not write words to tear the man down. Let’s write some to build him up. Who knows he may read them and decdide that enough is enough and seek the help that he needs to break his addiction.

    That is if he has one to break.

  • MR.DJ said:

    I met Devante and Jodeci backstage in ’95 in London at there afterparty at Battersea park. Being the only white kid there Devante was cool as hell and let me have my picture taken with him (my Dad was shooting the party).

    Yes, in those days they looked healthy and well. Years have gone and I just think Devanet and K-CI are naturally skinny dudes, they look the same as they did in ’95 (weight wise).

    Anyone expecting them to look handsome as they were in there 20’s still is clearly forgetting they are in there mid 30’s now at least !

  • SINURA said:

    Now let me ask a question, how many of us have taken picture and either LOVED it or HATED IT? We all make comments like oh this one makes ME look FAT, thats not my GOOD SIDE or YES i LOOK GOOD IN THIS ONE. NO ONE has taken pictures and loved ALL the pictures they have taken, do u know y? COS PICTURES LIE, So im just gonna say dont judge a book by it cover unless u have seen the person PERSONALLY, LIKE I DID. I saw devante face 2 face up close at their afterparty in london FEB 2009 and i was just so AMAZED TO HOW GOOOOOOOOOD HE LOOKED, AND…….. he AINT 20 ANYMORE. So for all u STUPID LADYS that DONT HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN, who say they USE TO LOVE DEVANTE THEN, BUT DONT LIKE HIM NOW ONLY cos what the MEDIA HAVE MADE U SEEN AND BELIEVED THEN then i PRAY that one day u will wake up and see that this is the way the MEDIA make their MONEY, BY LYING. And to ALL U GUY THAT DONT APPRECIATE JODECI FOR ALL THE GOOD MUSIC THEY HAVE MADE, THE MUSIC that u and ur misses prob had a good time at night listening to, then u just HATING, HATING COS UR GIRL PROB LEFT U COZ U AINT DEVANTE. PEACE

  • Nisha said:

    I heard that devante and mr. Delvin is on the downlow

  • rbabydoll said:

    i had to write something on here as the Jodeci concert in UK has been a somewhat controversial topic!Firstly I’m a huge Jodeci fan-always have been, always will be…so for me going to the concert was a pretty big deal(since the last one I went to was in 1995 & the fact that a new album never materialised it seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity). I had front row seats & I got to meet them and spend 30mins or so with them.
    The concert was great for one reason only-they were there together. However I’ve seen them do a very similar set before (back in 1995) and that was amazing. This time however, it wasn’t to THEIR standard. As they are my favourite band and actually Devante Swing is my favourite producer (not just for his work on Jodeci albums but for numerous other materials) and for the talent they have always been blessed to have, i thought it was amazing-but then again I definitely overlooked a rather average show. Without a doubt in my mind I can openly say it just wasn’t the same and it’s coz they seem seriously screwed up drugswise (except dalvin who spoke and behaved like a normal human bein’ at all times)And what was kinda bittersweet was the state that JoJo was in, and finally Devante. For a band capable of so much, they looked unhealthy and frankly not that with it. I hate to write that, but it’s true. Yes there were moments where it was reminiscent of the old days and the songs they played -classics.-the remixes, awesome…but after hoping for years (literally wishing) to see a new album…after that show, it’s the first time in my life that I actually thought we may never see Jodeci in the future-coz one of them might actually die from an overdose or somehting!! And after i met them I believed that even more. Don’t get me wrong- they were so cool and down to earth, chatty…and it was a fairytale meeting them.My reasoning though is coz they (kci, devante & jojo) were just not with it-not on the ball and sad to say-looked like they’ve been doing way too much drugs (Devante was grinding his teeth in my ear every 20 seconds).Not only that, this band used to be SO girl crazy and the groupies were still there doing the same old stuff but they just seemed too doped up to care-they just laughed and were so druggy chilled out!And if the rumours are true then that’s what they (Devante especially) have been doing all this time. I hope it’s not true-but it did cross my mind watching the show & when I met them too. just want them to go to rehab and sort themselves out. I just hope they all pick themselves up & smash rnb up again the way they used to-because truly they were the best band of the 90’s & Devante Swing -musical genius!

  • Sharina said:

    I dont care what anybody says, if u can see this sweetie I LOVE YOU and ALWAYS WILL

  • parker said:

    All I can say is that my group is coming out very soon, and we gonna follow the footsteps
    Of jodeci, I idolize devante swing, and teddy riley so don’t be alarmed when u
    See a change in R&B, we bringing it back, and we always gonna give bigs up to
    Jodeci for making us possible. So get ready, are y’all ready?

  • Tamesha said:

    I don’t know Devante but from the looks at some of the pictures he does look like he is on something. With the recent video of him LAX he seemed happy and “normal”. I love Jodeci and have always thought Devante was the best looking of the group. I just wish they will come out with the LONG anticipated album. I mean does it really take 10 years to do an album?!

  • Ghetto G.O.D.father said:

    I don’t think he’s cracked out. I think he’s on that love boat (pcp, sherm, wet, etc…). He looks like he’s a long way from God. Either way, he looks like shit on a shingle. Too damn bad, b/c he really HAD talent…

  • Ghetto G.O.D.father said:

    …and K-Ci, looking like somebody’s drunken granddaddy!!

  • Kim Degrate said:

    He can still get it.

  • kalimba said:

    I don’t understand why you all are hating. Let them do what they want to their faces. Devante is still nice looking. Yeah, they may have fallen but most of these artists are on drugs, but you still listen to them and “worship” them. They are just like the rest of the music artists. You just hadn’t seen them in a while. Get real the music industry is full of people who are either alcoholics or on drugs. Or have been on drugs or alcoholics. I miss you Jodeci!!!!!!!!!!

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