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Hair Freaks: Accidents of Sitcomedy

11 September 2007 11 Comments

We got so used to Mr. T that it’s easy to forget that his signature look is pretty ridiculous. But there are other, less fortunate sitcom stars who have actually been accidentally styled into hair freaks. It’s even more disturbing that I thought of so many examples of sitcom hair freaks that I actually had to leave a few out.

Michael Peterson, The Parent’hood

This kid’s hair pained me from the start. Unless you’re a Hare Krishna, shaving the sides of your head while maintaining braids or dreads on the top is just as bad as a white man combover. Don’t get me wrong, a braided bowl cut is NEVER ok, but well into the 90’s…? Unacceptable.

Waldo Geraldo Faldo, Family Matters

Again, shaved sides can never lead to acceptability. Similar to the little lightskinned boy with the peasy hair on Thea, whose head was shaved so close you could almost read his thoughts.

Entire Cast, 227

I loved this show, but look at these freaks. This cast photo is from the final season, once the show had officially jumped the shark and Stoney Jackson (a repeat ‘wet look’ offender), the blonde Toukie Smith, and the greasy landlord Julian joined the cast. Rose cycled through a few Jheri Curls, Calvin and Lester’s cuts looked like they were carved out with dessert spoons, and Brenda’s mushrooms stayed out of control. Notably absent from this photo are the Pearl Shay press n’ bang, young Jheri-curled Countess Vaughn, and Reynaldo Rey, the redbone red-headed mailman.

And the winner by a landslide…

Vanessa Huxtable, The Cosby Show

Oh Tempestt. Why didn’t you protest when they gave you the braids with the bang and then threw them into a side ponytail for an entire season? Or the geometric ‘fro? Or whatever this crazy long crimp is? Who is responsible?! Her hair was just never quite right no matter what. The extreme and constant freakiness of Vanessa’s hair is the only reason Elvin and his good hair rattail have not been mentioned here.


  • Blogxilla said:

    Thembi!!! lol Man you kill me w/ these Sitcom post i love them!! you’re one of my favorite bloggers you know!! lol But you should have added the entire cast of thea too b/c all of their heads were a hot ass mess

  • Rupak said:

    oh, i can die happy…i remember being SO confused by michael peterson’s half cancer patient, half kris kross do….

  • Aida said:

    really? i think the rattail trumps the vanessa… glad you’re back!

  • Lola Gets said:

    Ok, you had me crying with the entire cast of 227! But I do have to concur with you on Vanessas hair: that geometric ‘fro was criminal! I think they did that to her cause her hair was falling out from all the previous shit they did to it.

  • Dara said:

    unfortunately, i cant fully hate on vanessa cause i spent way to much time (ages 9-11 to be exact) sitting between moms lap, getting my to-the-side-half-up-ponytail-with-bang cornrows did. AND i wore a foam roller to bed to keep them shits tight in the front.

    you know it.

  • Luscious Librarian said:

    It was the 80’s. That is all.

  • Luscious Librarian said:

    Oh, and to add to that. Why didn’t ANY of the Cosby girls wear a doo rag to bed. C’mon now…please tell the truth TV land. Black girls just don’t put the fro to the sheets naked.

  • Sweet Treat Jenkins....You nee to be on my blog! said:

    Girl you ain’t neva lied about any of these styles!!LOL the 90’s was hell for TV and black hair.

  • afro jamaicano said:

    Entire Cast, 227!! i know right! i wonder if their hair stylist was a drunk or jus very lazy?

  • Anonymous said:

    Even back then I thought Vanessa had THE worst hair although 227 was horrible!

  • Tafari said:

    I too died at the entire cast of 227. That was my show!!!

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