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My International Michael Jackson Obsession

12 September 2007 4 Comments

In my travels around the world I have learned that there are two surefire ways to connect with strangers:

1. Find an Irish pub, because every city has at least one and they probably speak English in there.
2. When you meet a foreigner and you seem to have no shared common knowledge, there’s a 99% chance that he will have at least heard of Michael Jackson.

The Michael Jackson thing has become a slight obsession/badge of honor for me as a black person. I mean just think about it – the most famous person in the whole WORLD is 100% Grade A North American Negro from Gary, Indiana. Yes, he’s a freak, but that’s what makes him so easy to mock, imitate, and emulate. If you’ve been reading WWTD for a while you may have noticed that I post a fair amount of Michael Jackson content. It’s not that I’m a fan exactly, I’m really just stroking the collective black ego by collecting these telling little offbeat tidbits. No matter what he does to his skin and hair, Jacko worship is black folk worship.

With that said, indulge in Chiru, a Bollywood star, doing a hot yet scary Thriller-based number. I love this because he is not playing games with that pelvis. Just when I start wishing I were Indian it starts getting kind of scary, though. Favorite moment: The headsnap at 1:45.


  • Nancy said:

    i LOVE this! can’t wait for rupak to see it tonight! more blindian stuff! more more more!

  • shelby said:

    bambi, are you going to leave out your personal connection with foreigners and michael jackson… or was that addressed in other posts already


  • Ehav Ever said:

    This is funny. Now I am probably going to be humming this when I go to work. I actually wouldn’t mind playing this in the car on the way to work. This must have been fun to work on.

  • Q said:

    Golimar! I though me and my friends exhausted this video and its awesomeness… but I was wrong, if you let it rest a few months it comes back to hit you with extra strength!

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