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Your Outfit Makes No Sense. I Hate It.

14 September 2007 10 Comments

I’m still in a hateful mood, so I’m just going to talk trash on people’s outfits and random photos to make myself feel superior.

I understand that people have always told you that you look like Frasier Crane in the face, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out dressed like his exact evil opposite.

This lady actually left the house in a size 5X camouflage print coat? I’m not sure which makes less sense – the fact that there is no way that anyone in the Army is this large, or that she is not exactly camouflaging herself considering shes bigger than all of outdoors. If your BMI is over 40, please stay away from patterns.

This, friends, is why I have always been against banning the word nigger. We need that word for people who wear huge gold chains, backward caps, and t-shirts combining a healthy Kellogg’s breakfast with gunplay.

As if looking like the love child between Simba and Mariah Carey isn’t enough, no the cat lady broad did not wear a leopard print suit! This is some redundant tomfoolery.

Speaking of redundancy (and niggers) … Flava Flav holding a Sambo piggy bank. I keep thinking that if I stare at it in his hand hard and long enough it’ll burst into flames.


  • Luscious Librarian said:

    Why do we, as a society, continue to acknowledge people who are obviously mentally ill?

    Why is the cat lady still being invited to red carpet events?

  • Mrs.Grapevine said:

    You are going to be the first person to go to hell for speaking the truth. You ain’t right, but you ain’t lying.

  • hottnikz said:

    Sad to say, but Lil Kim will soon look like that cat lady if she doesn’t cut it out.

  • Lola Gets said:

    LMAO@redundant tomfoolery!

  • Dara said:

    If dad ever knew that that negro bank memorabilia thing would make its way all the way to flava’s dry crusty cracking hands, he would have never brought it home and later sold it on ebay in a forced cleaning frenzy.

    it looked so much more respectable in the family room…didnt it?

  • jon said:

    Terribly funny. 😀

    btw, WHO is the Cat Lady and how do we know it’s a LADY? And is it a surgical procedure? Did you see the Cat guy on my You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Post?

  • Gigi said:

    Cat Lady was on Maury if I remember correctly…OMG, do you listen to Wendy Williams? If so, you’ll hear that clip where Flava is asking “What’s coonery? What’s coonery?” It’s ironic that he is asking that and then holding this figurine.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    All I can say is wow. When I lived in New York I remember seeing a number of weird things like this. The biggest thing here in Israel that I would love to change is the sagging pants thing. There is also problem with some women wearing pants that don’t fit so that their love handles hang over their pants . We cal it muffin tops.

  • justjudith said:

    that is the best title for a post that i’ve ever seen. LOL.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    The cat lady looks like she is wearing a mask. Worse yet she looks like one of the puppets from Jim’s Hensen’s The Dark Crystal. Flaver Flav could have simply been himself in that movie.

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