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Black Entrepreneurship Gone Wrong

29 October 2007 7 Comments

Imagine being a black businessman. You build your own business from the bottom up and finally have enough money set aside for a local commercial to drive sales. After brainstorming with your supporters and coming up with a theme for the commercial, casting it, and having it edited, it’s finally ready to hit the air. Roll’ em!

Who do I blame? The entire south? This particular dude? Pimp culture? That thick black girl on the right who danced on command? The white girl with her midriff out?The video editor who chose the over-simplistic font for the screen text? Or perhaps the person who goes to buy a car from this dealership because he saw this commercial?


  • Nancy said:

    i blame the person who handcrafted the pimp suit and matching hat. it is all their fault for their pimptasticness.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    I blame the automotive industry for making it easy for people this to get cars to put in their commercials.

  • Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said:

    good question, but we must not alwyas have to blame or do we?

  • My Name Is Marcus Langford said:

    In the words of Charlie Murphy: “We’ve got to do better!” What in the world! I truly do not know what to say to this mess. If anything I blame the fools that allowed this trash to actually run.

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  • MrsGrapevine said:

    Did you see the white girl booty dancing in the end. I don’t think he’s selling cars if you know what I mean. Decode the message.

    It’s not a southern thing, the best prostitute tracks are in California and Philly. The movies Superfly and Mack or not southern culture. Pimpin culture is universal.

    All used car commercial are sleezy. They are reaching out to a certain audience. So, blame the people with bad credit who want to drive a Mercedes when they can’t even qualify for a KIA.

  • AJ said:

    blame the people with bad credit who want to drive a Mercedes when they can’t even qualify for a KIA.

    That is the truth. Somebody is responding to this nonsense.

  • Dara said:

    dammit, blame the south. as a baby-fresh-Georgian, ive noticed that there are a-PLENTY of this species of commercial down here. there is certainly plenty of low budget-ness goin on up north, but there’s just nothing like this. period.

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