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A Public Service Announcement That Did Not Work

3 November 2007 9 Comments

Not only does this throwback “One to Grow On” video feature Vanessa Huxtable and her hair freakishness in 3D, but the boy is unmistakable as a young pre-Urkel Jaleel White.

This PSA pre-dates hip-hop culture being flooded with the “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” approach to earning, but what middle-class illusion were we aspiring to back then? Why were we being conditioned to believe that our parents would hook us up in the end? Meanwhile, I’m sure that neither Tempestt Bledsoe nor Jaleel White have ever done chores or mowed lawns to get anything. Do kids even do chores these days?

“Want some extra money? You better get on that corner and sell some crack…before you know it you’ll be pushin’ weight and nobody won’t be able to tell you nothin’…and that’s one to grow on!”


  • hottnikz said:

    I feel you on that, this generation of kids know nothing about doing chores for money. My son does, he also gets an allowance. He has to manage his money during the week.

  • Malcolm: said:

    Until yesterday, I hadn’t thought of “One To Grow On” in years! It’s strange that you featured this one. I say this because when I was searching You Tube for a retro commercial to post on my blog for Friday, I came across some of the other “One To Grow On” segments and a commercial for Spaghetti-Os feat. a pre-Urkel Jaleel White. I saved them to my favorites to post at a future date. It was early in the morning and I was in a hurry so I must have overlooked this one with Tempestt and Jaleel. Otherwise I would have went with this one instead of the View Master ad that I chose.

  • Muze said:

    yeah i don’t know any kids that do chores for money. well actually one kid. he takes out the garbage every week and his mom pays him $20. kids these days are soooooo lazy.

    …and you’ve been tagged! stop by my blog and to see the rules.

  • Ann Brock said:

    Great post!

  • dara said:

    OMG! this brought back serious memories. i forgot about these videos until this post!

  • AJ said:

    I see parents out mowing the lawn while the kids are kicking back watching TV or playing video games. It’s really strange…My neighbor saw my boys taking out the trash one morning and ask me “How I get my kids to do chores”. SMH

  • Jippy said:

    My parents didn’t make me do chores. And now I’m paying the price for it. I hate cleaning. My house is always a mess. I have to PAY someone to come clean it for me. I would love to teach my children’ differently than I learned, but how can I tell my kid to clean her room when mine looks like shit?

  • shelbyinitalia said:

    “who’s gonna pay ME to do anything??”

    you know what, i am NOT mad at “one to grow on” – it’s up there with the afterschool specials we had. at least there was something better than the stuff on today. im not even sure PSAs exist anymore unless they are for a vaccination of some sort

  • Tha L said:

    you crack me up! i agree with Muze above that kids are sooo lazy these days. but seriously tho, don’t blame the kids for not doing chores…blame the parents for not making them.

    btw, you’ve been tagged. check me out for details.

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