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Most Memorable Episodes: Martin!

11 November 2007 15 Comments


Martin is the show that defined my high-school years and shaped my personal brand of comedy – we often forget how revolutionary it was at the time. Martin Lawrence didn’t mind cussing, he didn’t mind playing stereotypes, and he didn’t mind intense physical comedy, which is what really made Martin a genuine success (until Gina left the show and it jumped the shark). My past Most Memorable Episodes” posts have had 5 episodes each, but for Martin I had a hard time narrowing things down so I had to add a few bonus clips. But the best part is that hundreds of episodes are available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure, so if you have time to watch them there is so much more out there to enjoy.

5. “The Romantic Weekend”. The physical comedy in this clip is just too much. When this first aired I laughed so hard I couldn’t hear any of the hilarious ad-libs so it’s a treat to get watch it sanely today. The way that Tichina Arnold and Martin wrestle with the giant rat that invades their vacation is such a great example of how what seems like plain old coonery is often physical comedy at its best.

4. “Holiday Blues”. Miss Geri and that damn tuna at 5:30. May my boot never do that to a sandwich.

3. “Your Arms Too Short To Box With Martin”. Who doesn’t love little people? Not only does this clip feature the black midget Tony Cox, but Bushwick Bill gets in on the action, too. “I dunno…why don’t you go ask yer MOMMA?!” It still hasn’t stopped being funny after all of these years.

2. “Check, Lies, and Videotape”. David Allen Grier is one of the most underrated black comedians out there and his guest spot as Reverend Leon Lonnie Love was classic black corrupt church coonery. I mean, Creflo Dollar much? The way that he does the cabbage patch in this clip…priceless…

1. “Baby You Can Drive My Car”. This is the episode where the gang all puts in for a raffle ticket to win a car, and when they win the car they decide to share it throughout the week. This allowed Martin Lawrence to play all of his characters including, my favorite one, Otis the security guard. Yes, I did get the phrase “ain’t got enough money to put cheese on a Whopper” from this scene. This character is pure astute genius – SO MANY security guards are just like this. “I’m gettin ready ‘take ya down bwoy!” is my FAVORITE MOMENT ON THIS SHOW EVER. Before that though, check out Kim Coles and Yo-Yo as Sheneneh’s ghetto friends on the way to the club. Classic.

Bonus: “Martin Fat Like Dat”. Although the good part doesn’t come until near the end of this clip (6:10), Martin on his fitness freak tip yelling “SWITCH!” is too much for me to handle. And, um, Kimberly Reese? Click here.

Bonus #2: “High Noon”. “Mad Dog’s A’Comin!” I’ve always had a crush on Nipsey (1:30). And Gary Cloleman…well…

Bonus #3: “Baby, It’s You”. This is the episode where Martin catches a baby like a football and we realized that this show was ready to do anything – breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the audience about the accuracy of a show is THE admission of ridiculousness. This is also the “Don’tcha Know No Good” episode. Can you tell me what bit part the actress playing the pregnant woman played on another black sitcom?

Which favorite moments of yours did I leave out?


  • shelbyinitalia said:

    ok the tuna sandwich is my all time favorite — i also love when you can see the actors holding back their real laughter. great post!

  • Joy said:

    the pregnant woman is gina from a different world!!

  • Anonymous said:

    How DARE you leave out Tommy Davidson and the Varnell Hill Show!!!!! Come on now Thembi you slippin, you need to b’more careful with your posts.


  • Invisible Woman said:

    Watching his current movies, it’s sometimes hard to remember how ingenious he and his show once were…

    I was watching TV One the other day, and saw the episode where he played a martial arts sensei showing Gina an’ nem the art of self defense…his assistant was mad cause he hadn’t been paid yet, and his phone was going to be cut off at 4:00…the asst. proceeded to kick Martin’s ass for like 10 whole minutes, and I hollored thru every single bit of it–f’n hilarious!

  • Thembi said:

    Ok, before y’all sic the dogs on me, I left out Dragonfly Jones (which is just about the funniest thing Ive ever seen), Varnell Hill, the episode when Mama Payne’s bird dies and she loses it, and the one where Cole is crashing on Martin’s couch and his toenail clipping busts Gina in the head. There just wasn’t space!

  • Jippy said:

    King Beef!

  • My Name Is Marcus Langford said:

    OMG…these were all too hilarious! I am big fan of the sindicated ‘Martin’ shows. Out of the five that you have above, the first one is the one that makes me laugh the most; that was always my favorite-“THAT AIN’T NO DAMN PUPPY….”-that line is hilarious. Pam went to work on that rodent. LOL.

    But you definitely gotta get some ‘Dragonfly Jones’ up there and always that fight between Martin and Ms. Geri when he went to go and get his license…that was funny too. Great stuff sis!

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  • Jippy said:

    yes yes the DMV!! and dead plumber!!! this definately should have been a top 10 list.

  • Invisible Woman said:

    I forgot…the one where Sheneneh makes Gina work in her salon, and when Gina gives a woman a pedicure the wrong way, Sheneneh yells at her “Girl! You got ta WORK on those feet!” and then puts on safety goggles and pulls out out a jackhammer and gets ta work on the woman’s brick-like feet.

  • Thembi said:

    @IW – oh you mean as in this previous post: http://whatwouldthembido.blogspot.com/2007/08/lets-ease-back-into-this-here-thing.html

    I LOVE it haha…

  • Cassandra said:

    You know TV1 had a ” Marly Mal Marathon” this past weekend.

    All of those were favorites.

    One of my favorites is the epi when Gina and Pam went shopping and Gina witnessed the bank robbery.

  • Dara said:

    call me love…CALL ME LOVE.

    im still cracking up from our childhood.

  • Regina said:

    what ever hapened to David Allen Grier?

  • jazzfan360 said:

    OMG I am a little embarrassed because I just laughed UNREASONABLY hard at Miss Geri and the sammich. Jeri Gray, God rest your sassy-ass soul.

  • tonia said:

    One of my absolute favorites is when Martin has to go to court for a ticket and he tries to get out of it. His meltdown at the end still cracks me up to this day. Coonery but what wonderful coonery it was!

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