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Obscure Black C-List Actors: Keith David

30 November 2007 13 Comments

Along the lines of things that no one needs to hear, my body has become a little more “womanly” in recent weeks and so I have been getting all kinds of extra leers from greasy dirty old men. It’s pretty unfair, but Keith David is the black c-list actor that I think of when I think of dirty old black men. He’s not particularly old or particularly dirty, but there is something about him that makes it impossible to trust him in most of his roles. For those of you who are real freaks, you may remember him as a plumber on Mr. Rogers waaay back in the day – for some reason I got it into my head that he eats people so he scared me as a child. There’s a sneer to his face and a crust to his mouth that just makes him sinister. I remember him best as the nasty black dude who pimped out Jennifer Connolly in Requiem for a Dream and as Cameron Diaz’s father in There’s Something About Mary (he helped deal with Ben Stiller’s unfortunate “franks and beans” situation). Other than that he often plays a no-nonsense coach, cop, or pastor who likes to sneer at people. David, like many c-listers, is actually a very accomplished Broadway actor and has done extensive voice-over work including dozens of video games, cartoons, and nature specials. And before you ask, although they both have that Negroid look, no he is not related to Bokeem Woodbine.


  • Malcolm: said:

    I am a big fan of Keith David’s work. No matter what role he does, you can be sure that he won’t take any BS from anyone. Although he was good in “Men At Work”, “Dead Presidents” and the movies you mentioned, my favorite Keith David performance is in the movie “Clockers”. That beatdown that he gave Mekhi Phifer ranks near the top of my list of onscreeen butt whuppings!

  • Anonymous said:

    he was that lil lightskinnded girl’s daddy in ATL.

  • Ill Mami said:

    I love his voice, too. Gritty and sounds like he always means business.

    He was the voice of the “Spawn” anime series on HBO like 10 years back, too.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    Don’t forget he was also the Imam in Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. He was also Child’s in John Carpenter’s The Thing. He was one of the generals in Armageddon and does those US Army commercials.

  • SJ said:

    His voice-work on Spawn was amazing! I think they are working on the continuation of that series.

    He has also done voice-work for the ultra-popular videogame series called Halo.

  • THE 78' MS. J said:

    A sneer to his face and a crust to his mouth – classic.

  • THE 78' MS. J said:

    A sneer to his face and a crust to his mouth – classic.

  • dara said:

    i immediately thought of Requiem for a Dream when I saw his picture. I don’t think I ever knew his name until now. Does he narrate the American Gangster series on BET?

  • Aaliyah said:

    i must say that i am a huge fan of keith david. he was CLASSIC as Lester Wallace, the loan shark in Barbershop. one day when i was getting my health on at whole foods, i ran into him and to my surprise he was extremely nice. he even chatted me up a bit and gave me that signature sincere smile that could also be equally sinister. keith david, i love you, man!

  • Anonymous said:

    it was frank and beans them


  • Thembi said:

    You know what deezy, I knew something wasn’t right about that…no rice belongs in that area. I had been watching some Univision and got confused.

  • Vanessa said:

    A friend of mine made out with him at a club in NYC…. and she joined AA the next day.

  • Classick Material said:

    Thembi, I’m really happy for you, and I’m a let you finish, but…

    let’s not forget he was in THE GREATEST MOVIE FIGHT SCENE OF ALL TIME!!!

    “They Live” vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper

    …OF ALL TIME!!!

    *shrugs shoulders, drops mike and leaves stage

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