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Fresh Black Girls: Nancy Redd!

4 December 2007 5 Comments

For the first time, a friend of mine has inspired me to celebrate her freshness because she has realized the dreams of so many of us in like a quarter of a lifetime and is just getting started. It wasn’t enough that Nancy graduated from Harvard and then two weeks later went on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and practically made Regis Philbin empty his pockets. After giving a chunk of her winnings to the 4-H club, which she credits for much of her success, she turned herself from a pretty Southern pageant girl to the strikingly and sensationally gorgeous first black Miss Virginia and entered the Miss America Pageant, and I still wasn’t all that impressed. When she won the swimsuit competition without the benefit of heroin-chic genes and instead turned herself into a knockout through plain old sweat and Pilates-type pain, I was still only mildly impressed (although she did look FRESH in that swimsuit with stems to die for and abs for days). And when I heard that she was writing the book Body Drama, a guide to the female body, I was like “Fah, Harvard kids do big things all the time, big whoop.” But then the news broke – Nancy and her husband Rupak were featured in the wedding pages of Jet Magazine after turning down the likes of the New York Times and Martha Stewart Living! In the pages of Jet with an Indian husband – now THAT is pull that I can appreciate. Besides that, I got an advanced copy of Body Drama and while it’s primarily aimed at teenage girls with questions about their bodies, I read it from cover to cover and learned a whole lot more than any 28-year-old grown woman should ever admit to not ever having known. I can’t even keep the book in my office because people keep coming by trying to ‘borrow’ it – it has recipes for easy facials, explains why you’re really not a freak for having an inverted nipple or cellulite, features her own personal body dramas, and has amazingly candid photos and advice about things that no one even wants to bring up to their doctor (let’s just say that if I had read the section about pubic ingrown hairs at the age of 12 I probably wouldn’t have been convinced that I had herpes even though I was as pure as the driven snow). Seriously, Body Drama should be required reading and needs to replace health class as the way that us FBGs learn what is what. The book comes out on December 27, but you can get a big discount if you order early through her website, www.nancyredd.com. Did I mention that she is a loyal reader of this blog? Please show her some love!


  • Aaliyah said:

    Yay!! Nancy is the freshest. Not only is she just freaking amazingly talented, but she is also a fiercely loyal friend that continues to save my sanity every time I hang with her. Love you girl!! and you fly ass Indian husband:-)

  • Regina said:

    Awesome!! This is the kind of success story I like to hear! More of our young ladies need to be exposed to this kind of positive role model.


  • Qucifer said:

    I’ma hafta give her snaps in a Z formation, homegirl got my seal of approval~

  • Aida said:

    yay, nancy!

  • Julian said:

    Fresh is the perfect word to describe Nancy too. Even more appropriate than “disarmingly and delightfully postfeminist,” which the media’s been pegging her. Just bought this book for my cousins. Good one, Thembi.

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