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Lies, Vivica! All Lies!

7 December 2007 8 Comments

The folks at O Hell Nawl hipped me to the fraudulence of Vivica Fox’s booking sheet for her recent DUI arrest. If you look closely, it lists her weight at 115 pounds – she didn’t even weigh 115 back when she was on Out All Night! I have no tolerance for such blatant lying and because of her bad cosmetic surgery, drunk driving, and diva delusions, I just have to blow her spot today…

Possible Explanations for the Number 115 on Vivica Fox’s Arrest Report:

1. The combined weight of her weave, phony lips, and implants.

2. The SPF strength she needs to wear to keep her face from melting.

3. Her blood alcohol level (they forgot the decimal point).

4. Her rank in the “Top 120 Sexy Black Actresses” list.

5. The amount of money she still owes 50 Cent.

6. The number of votes she got on Dancing With The Stars.

7. Her real age.

8. The circumference of her lacefront.

9. The number of movies she has been in where she started a sentence with “Girrrrrl, lemme tell you…”

10. The weekly pageview count of her Fan Club Website.

Yeah, I know…kind of mean…and I’m not even in a cranky mood…but if you have any ideas to add please comment…


  • Qucifer said:

    The other lawyer in this office is ON DA FLO laughing at this shit

    With tears in his eyes….. but i maintain that you love making grown men cry

  • Malcolm: said:

    Maybe 115 is the dollar amount of her salary for “Kickin’ It Old Skool”.

  • AJ said:

    Perhaps the numbers are transposed…..lol…

  • Chocl8t said:

    The amount she recieved for her Cadillac endorsement.

  • theblackactor.com said:

    LMAO off at your post. :)

    Love it.

    She played herself. She shoulda known the whole world would know about that lie. LOL

  • Regina said:

    115 is the number of times Uma Thurman hit her in Kill Bill!

  • AverageBro said:

    Ok, that was just wrong.

    But for the record, her “role” in “Kickin’ It Old School” was probably her best acting EVAR!!!

    What? What you say ni@@a? B!tch-slapped!!!!

    I am still laughing at that one.

  • dp said:

    Haterade flavor – red, for the blood in your eyes.

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