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Real Men Stand Up?

13 December 2007 17 Comments

I’m not too into traditional gender roles and I absoultely loved the bathrooms during my trip to Japan, but I’m just not with this.

40% of Japanese men sit down to pee, survey shows

About 40 percent of adult Japanese men sit on the toilet to urinate — a staggering figure almost three times the number recorded in 1999 — according to a survey by Western-style toilet manufacturer Matsushita Electric Works Ltd.

The survey of 518 men and an identical number of women whose ages ranged from their 30s to 50s showed that the younger the man, the more likely he is to sit down while peeing instead of the traditional method of standing up.

The 40 percent of men who sit while urinating is almost three times more than the 15 percent of men who did so when the company first started surveying toilet habits in 1999.

“Women hate it when urine sprays, so there appears to be an increasing number who are asking men to sit down on the toilet when they have to go,” a Matsushita Electric Works spokesman said.

Matsushita Electric Works noticed the increasing tendency for Japanese men to sit on the toilet while urinating and started three years ago to accommodate the trend in such ways as designing toilet seats with larger holes.

The survey showed that 46 percent of men in their 30s sat while weeing, 38 percent of men in their 40s did so and 37 percent of men in their 50s also followed the trend. Matsushita believes mothers getting their young children to sit on the toilet when they urinate are also getting their partners to adopt the same practice.


  • AJ said:

    I wish the men in my house would sit down and pee.

  • hottnikz said:

    What’s wrong with just lifting the seat? I suppose they are not concerned with their equipment dangling in the toilet? HA! My son would look at me like I was crazy if I asked him to do this.

  • jjbrock said:

    I am with you AJ. I don’t see no problem with sitting down on the seat. Are the men in the USA the only one that stand up to pee? if so were did it come from?

  • Chocl8t said:

    Nah, nah, nah! If you’re my man, you need to stand and pee…lift the seat but please stand. LOL

  • Marcus Langford Is The Name said:

    As a man, sitting down to pee seems like such an inconvenience. Peeing, for a man, is supposed really short and simple which means standing at a urinal and goin’ for broke. This is just my personal opinion. If I were in Japan, I would still stand up and pee.

    But ladies just so you know, I am a gentleman in every since of the word and I always! always! always! lift the seat up before peeing.


  • talentedtenth said:

    ^ But the question dear sir, is do you put the seat back down? :-/

  • theblackactor.com said:

    How strange.

    Tee hee hee.

  • LaJane Galt said:

    Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t nevah want to see a man sit down to pee!

    But yes, lift the rim up, wipe it down, then put the whole thing back (including the lid).


    I remember pissing in a toilet on Mt. Nantai. It was subzero and you know how some of their toilets are slits in the ground. My ass damn near fell off. It’s hard to pee when your muscles contract!

  • Dara said:

    aint nuthin wrong with sitting. just be glad you dont work for the company doing the study.

  • Dare said:

    Why do i find it more disturbing that men sit on the commode to pee than I do that they pee in the sink because they’re too lazy to aim?
    I must be a really bad feminist.

  • AJ said:

    Some men don’t have good aim and who do you think gets to clean up the dayum bathroom? Women, most of the time. If men would totally wipe everything down after they relieve themselves then I don’t care if they stand on their head.

  • Ill Mami said:

    I personally don’t care if they sit down since they sit down to sh*t. I’m sort of a fan of them sitting down as long as they don’t leave pee anywhere near the seat. Call me strange, but I also prefer it when men shave their armpits as well. Is there a study on that?

  • Regina said:

    That was interesting. I think for us (Americans) it may seem wrong, gay, stupid, or whatever but it could very well be a cultural issue. We were raised to think, act and do things a certain way, were as other cultures may have a different way of doing things.
    As long as the pee is in the toilet I don’t much care.


    ((((HI THEMBI)))))
    sorry i haven’t been here in a while!

    IMO if men can sit and boo-boo, why can’t they sit and pee? who cares as long as their not pissing themselves?

    it’s guaranteed that arguing about leaving the toilet seat up would be a thing of the past!!

    I’d totally be secure that my man’s still a man if sat and pissed! if we could find a historian pissologist…he’d probably say men have pissed sitting down and then some NEANDERTHAL who felt insecure, made up this stupid rule about REAL MEN STAND AND PISS!

    If R.Kelly sat his trifling butt down and pissed…I wouldn’t be able to call his behind Pisspot!


    also if this idiot (recent news item)had sat down and pissed, a poor little puppy wouldn’t have been able to take a bite out of his appendage when he pissed thru a fence!!

    sitting does have its advantages if u ask me!

  • Ali said:

    Humm, what an issue you’re talking about! Men stand up to pee or sit down! Then let me tell you some thing. Not bad if you know that in my culture the male people avoid peeing while standing! In my country it’s so, as my religion has recommended not to pee while standing, and to do it while sitting or squatting. I know there, they teach the kid when he can stand up, how to pee while standing, but it’s not so here. However, I am male and quite healthy, but I don’t pee while standing. You should consider that there are many different ways and theologies around the world.

    To my own, peeing while standing is a nasty actions, also it does not feet a man’s character, that’s like you imagine a respectable man standing up still some where, his penis is out and his piss line in front of him! Who made the rule that males MUST stand up while urinating? And don’t relate it to the nature, potentially many things are natural as an ability; one can bring it out (gun), aim and kill, but he has choosing power, although he has the ability, but he may not do it if he is sane; one can just bring it out, aim and piss, but does it mean he can not do it in a way but that?

    Why stand to pee? Why aim? Aiming is for the time when you are distant to your target and can’t be close to it, but when you can be close to it, and if you are sane, you prefer being close to your target than aiming to the target. So sit down and be relax, the name of the place you are doing that in, is rest room! And why you waste your time and energy in cleaning bathrooms? You can save it for more useful affairs by reducing the need of bathroom to be cleaned!

    As for those who say “peeing while standing is of a few pleasures of a man!”, I should say that a man is more valuable than way of peeing places as his pleasure and property! It does not fit a man to consider that as his worth! Men have more valuable special abilities to be mentioned! And as for those who say “peeing while standing is much easier than doing it while sitting or squatting”, I should say that bending over and pulling down pants, and keeping a part of panties down for a while and aim for a while both need an attempt; and the fact that which one is easier for a person depends on habit. The way in which one’s habit is based on, is easier for that one, and to which you habit, it will be easier for you! As God has made the ability of peeing while standing easily in guys, it must have an advantage, and yes it has. In men’s jobs some times urgent situations happen, and some times they have to do some thing in a short time when the speed is important, and some times men have situations that they can’t sit or squat or are in places where sitting or squatting is not easily possible; in such times they can use their ability of peeing while standing easily. But these urgent times just some times happen, not always! So I think there should be a project for men to stop, or to say better, manage peeing while standing. One group are already doing that and their site is: http://www.mapsu.org/ . As I mentioned, there are some occations when it’s needed to pee standing up, then it happens for both men and women! So what should women do? So easy, they can instantly pee standing up using a small device, one is here: http://www.travelmateinfo.com/page002.html .
    However, it will be great if the current way of peeing of guys in toilets and bathrooms, in the most parts of the world changes.

  • Ali said:

    Just had missed, I’m not from Japan, I’m from another country.

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