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12 February 2008 16 Comments

These people have actually had the nerve to ask me to do WORK around here lately! Will be back soon.


  • Regina said:

    what girl!?!? No they didn’t!
    Huh, are they paying you for that if so well I kind of can’t say much! I am trying not to blog at work anymore, and it is killing me!

  • Undercover Black Man said:

    Handle yo biz.

  • aj said:

    The nerve of some folk! Don’t they know you have more important stuff to do? LOL

  • AverageBro said:

    Thembi, WTH??? Get back on your JO homegirl!!!

  • AQUILOGY said:

    I only found out ’bout your site 2months and just when i was starting to enjoy it you pull a stunt like, do some work around here girl

  • Regina said:

    Will be back soon means…. what like next month???
    Just joking, and checking in on you!
    Peace & Love

  • hottnikz said:

    I totally feel you on this, they are tripping at my job too.

  • aj said:

    Just checking on you. Come back to us soon!!

  • Dara said:

    i hadnt been here in awhile and just signed on for some delicious tidbits of thembi humor and…where the eff are you?

    come on dembe, let the good times roll!

  • Cel said:

    Ahhh, some things never change….. Such as you wanted to BS instead of work! lol

  • Regina said:

    Checking in again…
    You may as well pop in and do a post since obviously people are still coming by EVERY DAY expecting something!
    I pray that all is well with you!
    Peace & Love!

  • AverageBro said:

    You alright, homegirl!?!?

  • aj said:

    Hey girl….what’s up. Hope all is going well. As you can tell, many of us miss you.

    Peace & Love

  • otilia said:

    i miss wwtd.
    hope you’re well…

  • Cassandra said:

    Thembi it will be a month!! I hope everything is going well on your end. COME BACK!!!

  • Undercover Black Man said:

    Let us hear from you, Thembi.

    Hope all’s well.

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