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Bad Hair Gone Racist

20 March 2008 9 Comments

It’s usually my policy to have mercy for un-funny has-been comedians. Gilbert Gottfried, Bob Cat Goldthwait, Ellen Cleghorne – I have no beef with any of them. I snickered a few times at each and now wish them well. But Pauly Shore was someone I kind of liked. Maybe because of the freaky hair, or maybe because as a twelve-year-old I needed someone to punctuate the sexually-charged MTV Spring Break Specials with an innocuous catchphrase like “Buuuuh-dy.” Or maybe, and probably, because of his cameo in the movie Class Act with Kid N’ Play, a duo so credible in the early 90’s that his clout was instantaeous with me. But now this?

Maybe he is on drugs, but it seems to me that the misguided belief that “its so much easier to succeed if you’re black” a la Geraldine Ferraro has been gaining steam in recent weeks. Is this the new battle cry of the white “has-been/never-really-was?”


  • Qucifer said:

    Kidding me?????

    I’m in utter disbelief~

  • Undercover Black Man said:

    Fantastic post, Thembi.

    Please, God, make Pauly Shore and Charlie Murphy cross paths in a club this weekend. (I don’t think Katt would do what needs to be done.)

    Pauly Shore was never funny. He’s the son of the owner of the Comedy Store! How dare he whine about unfair advantages!

  • Malcolm said:

    One of the most ironic things in all of pop culture is that Pauly’s parents co-founded the Comedy Store and yet he is one of the least funniest comics around. Whenever that bum turned up on MTV, I couldn’t get to the remote fast enough.

    When watching this clip I first thought he was serious. Once he started talking about whites picking cotton in a few years I came to the conclusion that he’s just trying to get his name back out there.

  • Aida said:

    WOW. white people are going to be picking cotton. in three years. I CAN’T WAIT!

  • Tina said:

    Two words. Sour grapes.

    Sounds like he’s just can’t admit that he’s just not FUNNY and that there are comics that are actually FUNNY.

    So instead, he blames it on race. Stupid. Whatever.

  • stella said:

    I didn’t realize I was so fortunate. How are you supposed to have a dialogue on race when faced with such astounding ignorance. I don’t suppose he enjoys the profits from hiring all those great black comedians to “work the store”.

  • hottnikz said:

    As someone already stated, his mother has juice as the owner of the comedy store, which I think he helps run. We all know all the talent that has risen from the comedy store, if you still can’t ‘get on’, then oh well face the facts. As funny as Katt Williams, that might have been the funniest thing he has ever uttered.If he was black he’d be somebody like Joe Claire, a little reconizable but still unfunny.

  • Anonymous said:

    The Pauly Shore thing was a hoax. This is from YouTube.


  • bliz said:


    loving the racial hierarchy thing with persians at the bottom.

    huh? persians?

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