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13 March 2008 12 Comments

Maybe you never knew what she looked like at all, but can you guess which 70’s/80’s dance queen this is? Her last hit was in the early 80’s but she’s still getting burn on the gay club/concert scene.

UPDATE: I know this was almost two month’s ago, but every single person who guessed was right – this is Evelyn Champagne King. I feel like she must have done something with her nose, you think?


  • Undercover Black Man said:

    I can’t pass up a music quiz. Is that Evelyn Champagne King? (And no, I didn’t just out myself. However, “Shame” is still the bomb.)

  • Malcolm said:

    That’s Evelyn “Champagne” King! She had some jams back in the day. In addition to the aforementioned “Shame”, “I Don’t Know If It’s Right” was another one.

  • Baby Please said:

    OMG! Is that Evelyn Champagne King?

    There was another cute one; betcha she don’t love you {*** singing ***} like you know I love you…

    blah blah blah

    I forgot the name of it.

  • Danielle said:

    My jam was “Shame” from Miss Evelyn. Love her.

  • Regina said:

    Yep, Evelyn C. King!
    My daughter and I were watching one of those I Love the 80’s (I think) and she was on there!
    “Betcha She Don’t Love You” was my jam!

  • Regina said:

    BTW, back then it was cool to keep your original black person nose!
    (That’s how I really knew it was her)!!

  • Bklyn6 said:

    Recognized her right away!

    Shame! I was in Jr. High (I think they call it “Middle School” now) when that joint came out.

  • thechocl8tdiaries said:

    Evelyn Champagne King! Loved her!!

  • Anonymous said:

    wait…i saw her lip syching on TV 5 in Paris last March between my granny’s concert and dinner…wait… what was that song… “cuz your right on time…right on time… you such a hot temperation..you just walk right in walk right in…”

    damn brain cells is fried to a crispy philly cheese steak after a migraine……Is is really ECK…? ECKKKKKK!!!

  • hottnikz said:

    That nose is what gives her up.

  • Regina said:

    I featured her video for one of my “Old School Friday” picks!

  • Stephen Bess said:

    Classic cd. I own this one.

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