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Contest: Who Am I?

19 March 2008 14 Comments

Rather, who are WE? This 90’s group is still trying to be in the mix – with most of its original members, at that. Any ideas?

Gradmommy was first, but most of you saw through the layer of lost idealism to Another Bad Creation. They actually released an album in 2006, The Grady Baby Compliation (??), which failed to chart but you can give it a listen here. “Iesha” was a cute song, but “Playground,” shown below, still sounds great to me after all these years. Who can front on a line like “It’s the Mizz-ark, chillin’ in the pizzark, I gotta break ‘cuz my mother said be home by dizzark,” when it’s so deliciously dated?


  • Undercover Black Man said:

    I’m stumped. But I can’t resist a contest, so I’ll guess Stetsasonic (even though they were ’80s, not ’90s).

  • AverageBro said:

    The fella in the bottom right looks mysteriously like K-Ci Hailey after a KFC buffet binge, and before his daily, uhhmmm “medication”. The other guys could be his weedcarriers I guess.

    Then again, there’s six of these bamas, so unless Jodeci merged with some other group of sangin’ addicts, I’m prolly wrong. And it ain’t Silkk, cause I would recognize that midget Lil’ G. Take 6 is older. H-Town had a member die of a car wreck, or AIDS, or something…

    Sorry for getting all morbid and whatnot on ya’ll.

    So, I’m gonna go with Shai, the dudes who acapella’d “If I Ever Fall In Love” although there might could only be 4 of them, rather than a half-dozen.

    You can email me the Capri Suns, thank you very much Thembs.

    Good to have you back!

  • gradmommy said:

    The first thing that comes to mind is ABC… (Another Bad Creation)?

  • justjudith said:

    grandmommy seems like she may be onto something. none of these people look familiar so maybe they were really young when they were “famous”. abc sounds about right. damn. they still sing iesha?

  • Invisible Woman said:

    me vote ABC; the negro with the hat on the left looks like the little bad ass one back in the day.

  • CHIC NOIR said:


  • dara said:

    ABC first came to mind…they haven’t aged well.

  • Joy said:

    chris mark red dave ro!!!!!Another Bad Creation!!

  • Malcolm said:

    Is that Another Bad Creation? Some of them (esp. dude with the french braids) look a little worse for wear.

  • Julian said:

    At the playground. You know?

  • Aaliyah said:

    i have no idea what ABC would look like grown up but i have to throw some shade on averagebro right quick. Shai? Really?? Not even. I could spot Garfield ANYWHERE. no capri suns for you!

  • iriegal said:

    It is Another Bad Creation. Glad to see the brothers back. I always felt Michael Bivins did them wrong. He promoted Boys To Men, but sort of left them by the wayside

  • Ginneh Akbar said:

    Isn’t that Leslie Odom in the back right? I didn’t know he was in ABC. Wow.

  • Julian said:

    There’s no greater love-hate than that which i have for you

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