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Stupid Redneck.

19 March 2008 3 Comments

Remember the movie Car Wash (the 1976 version, not the updated coon-fest from a few years ago)? Do you remember the plotline with the ex-con (played by Bill Duke), who attempts to rob the carwash after losing his job there? Was this guy watching Car Wash on the late night movie when he came up with this idea? And no, its not a typo, his name really is “Leeroy” with 2 Es…what a tragedy of redneckness. The “pop bottle bomber” must be next. Just stupid.

Clearwater burglar busted by job application

Jimmy Leeroy Walker is behind bars today after being recognized by the manager of the car wash he robbed. Walker smashed out the side window of the Sunshine Car Wash on 1175 Court Street in Clearwater to gain entry. Once inside he stole an undisclosed amount of money from the register. Walker was wearing socks on his hands during the incident.

Later in the month, Walker broke in and took a tip box containing $9.

A manager at the car wash recognized Walker and told detectives he had recently dropped off an application for employment at the business. On January 3, 2008, detectives made contact with Walker at his home, where he was arrested.

Jimmy Leeroy Walker is being charged with two counts of commercial burglary and felony theft.


  • Stephen Bess said:

    LOL! What a name! Yeah, that’s crazy and funny. I saw you on another blog and decided to say hi. By the way, is your name South African?

  • Aaliyah said:

    um, ok. you decide to rob a place where you have applied for a JOB, that has all of your PERSONAL INFO, including but not limited to your PHONE NUMBER and ADDRESS. if i were the judge i would put him UNDER the jail for being so ignorant. stop waisting my time!!

  • Malcolm said:

    This guy is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Speaking of “Car Wash”, did you see that Ivan Dixon died earlier this week? As for Bill Duke’s character in the movie… don’t call him Duane anymore because his name is now Abdullah.

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