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What Manner of Fresh Hell Is This?

14 March 2008 11 Comments

I took piano lessons for two years, and I played “We Are The World” at my second recital when I was about nine or ten. I thought I was fly for playing a popular song, only to realize that everyone would be able to tell when I messed up, which I did – twice. Haven’t really played the piano since. Anyway, that little childhood memory is not nearly as painful as watching these Japanese impersonators doing an almost dead-on rendition of “We Are The World.” Yes, Stevie, Lionel, Michael, Tina, all in brownface, the works. I have to love Japanese people, they do any old thing. Fresh hell, I tell you.


  • Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said:

    that is some bazar uh, stuff lol

  • dara said:

    this is why i love your site. this is crazy!

  • Televisiontraci said:

    Girl, where did you find this video? It is too much!

  • shelbyinitalia said:

    this is insane lololol. i love japanese people for real

  • Aaliyah said:


  • Vanessa said:

    this is so disturbing….

  • Qucifer said:

    My friend laughed all the way to the next day with this one, he says that Cindy Raupel made him appreciate the subdued performance or Tina

    My Beef is with Ray’s Ashy lips

  • Ginneh Akbar said:

    I liked it better when you were gone.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    Are you sure that wasn’t really Michael Jackson? Also, that really looked like Cindy Lauper. The Japanese are always funny with this kind of stuff.

  • Siditty said:

    I was scared of Stevie Wonder. That was too funny!!!!! I love how they did black face, they should have did white face for Bruce and Cyndi.

  • Izzy said:

    The Japanese those mofos will do anything for western world validation. I live for Cyndi Lauper-ukio HAHAHAHAHA

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