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5 April 2008 24 Comments

I didn’t watch a lot of music video back when this R&B group had its glory days, so maybe you’ll have an easier time recognizing them if you did. The only hint I’ll give for now is that they’re down one member.

HINT: Their biggest hit was made extra hot by an R&B legacy guest vocalist.

UPDATE: This was a tough one, so much so that the comments made me think one of y’all might break something trying to get it. Again, an anonymous commenter got it first, so props pretty much only go to me for diggin’ in the crates so hard. These are the Rude Boys whose 1991 jam, “Written All Over Your Face,” was made extra hot by Gerald Levert. They’re dropping an album this year but I miss Gerald enough that I’ll need a bit of convincing to get excited about it…Anyway check the video and please take the time to notice how many advances in denimwear we’ve made in the last 17 years.


  • justjudith said:

    dang, thembi! you sure can find some obscure groups. i dont know who this is…the one with the scowl is probably the lead singer…i wanna say unv. why, i don’t know.

  • Invisible Woman said:

    That fat dude looks familiar….ummm 112? I know that’s wrong, but I’m throwing it out anyway. This one is hard.

  • Marrio TheBlackGuy said:

    Force MDs???

  • LaJane Galt said:

    H-town? naaaahhh that doesn’t look like the light-skinned dude.

  • Kesi said:

    Dang Thembi, U sure know how to find them dont you?

    My vote goes for Intro. Don’t ask me where this is coming from, it’s one of those “how do I know the craziest answer on Jeopardy” moments”

    What the Eff Wed., U gonna eat that?

  • TalentedTenth said:

    i don’t think it is intro…didn’t they only have 3 members? and one died right? and one died from the 3 in h-town, too. public announcement? who knows, but big dude looks like he is wearing a chef’s hat — how fitting!

  • shelbyinitalia said:

    forevah ma ladayyyyyyyyyyy


    nice photoshop on the neck tattoo

  • theblackactor.com said:

    Uh, H’Town?

  • TalentedTenth said:

    WAIT….can i retract my first guess?! my guess now is Lo-key

  • Regina said:

    Big dude looks familiar…

  • Thembi said:

    Yes Regina, it is all about the big dude – except back in 1990 when this group first charted (with a #1 R&B single) he wasn’t nearly as big.

  • Thembi said:

    No, I take that back – 1991.

  • Aaliyah said:

    I would say Silk, but they’re hit “Freak Me” was #1 in 1992. Its not Subway or Public Announcement or Troop- they had like 5 members. ARRRGGGH. And H-town wasn’t on the scene until 1993. Damn it! Racking my brain…

  • Regina said:

    Is it SURFACE?

  • Regina said:

    Is it GUY?

  • Regina said:

    Jeez, Thembi! WHO IS IT??

  • Danielle said:

    I’m dying to know. I have NO clue at all.

  • Anonymous said:

    written all over your face….

  • Undercover Black Man said:

    She ain’t told yet??

  • Anonymous said:

    Rude Boys?


  • TalentedTenth said:

    rude boys…yeah…i agree with that (can i retract my guess a second time?!). lookin’ at an old pic now trying to match ish up.

  • LaJane Galt said:

    damn I don’t even remember what they look like

  • Anonymous said:

    wow!! rude boys. go ahead anonymous. it has to be it. wikipedia says so: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rude_Boys

  • hottnikz said:

    I’m late as usual, but I’d go with the Rude Boyz too. I suppose R Kelly is considered a legend as well as a perv, but Gerald was definitely a legend in my eyes.

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