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WWTD Reader Prize!

1 April 2008 8 Comments

I have’t even been blogging for a year and only have a few hundred readers, but it looks like word gets around!

Yesterday afternoon I got an e-mail from Devante Swing’s current manager. It seems that my “Good Hair Gone Bad: Devante Swing” post did not go unnoticed and his manager had a few harsh words for me because of the way that I depicted Devante’s drug problem. We all know that I didn’t mean to offend Devante, I just had to speak the truth. He told me that Devante is just getting out of rehab and is trying to build fan support, and he thinks that WWTD is a good place to start (I guess since no one else is checkin’ for him like that).

For the first 30 readers who contact him and mention this site, you will get 2 free tickets to Devante’s upcoming stage play, “It’s Not That Good When Your Head is Stuck in the Hood.” The show is coming through New York, Chicago, Philly, LA, Atlanta, and just about any city you can think of, so take your pick. He said that Larenz Tate will be making special guest appearances at some stops, so I’m all over the Philly show, which is in mid-July.

I CANNOT wait to see this…get your tickets!

Mike Kuhn


  • Aaliyah said:

    Thembi, this rocks! Although I was a little skeptical that someone would put up a play called “It’s Not That Good When Your Head is Stuck in the Hood”, I have to say that I am sooo excited to see Devante, Larenz Tate, and my all-time favorite- Bokeem Woodbine!! Yes!! You do have to wait through some seriously long pop ’80s track but eventually Mr. Kuhn picks up the phone and he’s a great guy. They’re about to put out a new album and he promised me that I could be a video ho in the first single. So Siked! All of you who know me, know that this is one of my life-time goals. So thank you Thembi and thank you Mr. Kuhn. Can’t wait to see this show!

  • Julian said:

    I’m rooting for DeVante so I’m all over this!!!

    Good Hair Gone Bad Goes Broadway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Invisible Woman said:

    Oh, Thembs…you are my girl! lol :-)

    Forever your fan,


  • TalentedTenth said:

    boo freakin hiss…after the hooliganism over at OHN, i’m having a difficult time believing this. so what happens when i call that number? is that kwame’s cell number or something?! april fool’s my a@@

    but if i’m wrong, two snaps and a twist for devante…womp womp

  • Cassandra said:

    Thembi, you betta not be playing about this….

  • Regina said:

    I went back to read your Good Hair Gone… post! It was hilarious! I had a crush on Devante years ago like everyone else did. I am so not interested in seeing him doing anything now!!

  • Qucifer said:


    I Loves it! you, are going places!, now you just need you one of them facebook pieces to drape in your arms

  • pjazzypar said:

    I am glad I stopped by. I am going to give him a call in case the show is coming to the Dallas area. As a side note, some of these so called celebrities need a reality check at times. Thanks for the heads up.

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