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I Hate To Say I Told You So…

2 May 2008 3 Comments

This has been a crazy week for me, so posting has been slow, but a few things have happened that have made me consider a new career as a psychic.

On March 20, I posted a video of Pauly Shore’s contrived racist rant and asked, “Is this the new battle cry of the white “has-been/never-really-was?” On May 1, Jon Lovitz used the Reverend Wright controversy to tell some dry and inappropriate jokes about AIDS and black people…at an AIDS benefit. If you want to see, check here.

On October 10, my “What The Eff?” Wednesday post on those unsightly truck ornaments known as bumper balls caused all of the girls to say “Ew! Nobody wants to see some ol’ dangling scrotum!” Well, it looks like the Florida Senate agrees. From now on, any display of genitalia from a vehicle can get you a $60 fine. One has to wonder how widespread they must be in that area for the government to get involved, but I’ll leave that to you guys to figure out.

Who is even thinking about people with backwards feet? Thembi, that’s who! On December 5, I wrote about Wang Fang (no, seriously…that’s her name), a Chinese woman born with her feet facing backwards. It turns out that this week, Jingle Luis (again…that is her real name), a Filipino girl born with backwards feet, is coming to the United States for a revolutionary surgery to flip them feets around, and I wish her the best of luck! If you’re having a hard time imagining this condition and aren’t easily freaked out, see the photo below.

Did you know that if you put “Gary Dourdan” into Google Image search my November 30 “Good Hair Gone Bad Quickie” post about his “brother” being arrested for aggravated assault comes up on the first page? A refresher:

Hm. From left to right, Gary in soberer days, his mugshot from his arrest this week for ridin’ dirty, and his criminal-minded body double Demetris Hirsch. Gary got busted with what can only be explained as the “Party Like It’s 1999 Kit,” holding heroin, ecstasy, and cocaine. There’s something so Christmas-y about his green and bloodshot eyes, isn’t there? At least we know where all that good hair is headed if he doesn’t straighten out soon.


  • Lola Gets said:

    “Party Like It’s 1999 Kit,”

    Ok, youre going to hell for that one right there!

    Im not suprised Florida has a problem with car genatalia. They also have a huge problem with gay marriage. Im not going to rehash the issue here, but check UBM and Field Negros blogs for elaboration.


  • Regina said:

    LOL!!!@ Party Like it’s 1999 Kit!

  • Izzy said:

    Just goes to show pretty don’t last forever now stop reading comments and get back to that math homework!

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