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Grillz for Bills?

22 July 2008 5 Comments

In case you missed it in an earlier post, a recent news report attempted to expose a particularly convincing sign that this country is facing a recession: Negroes are turning in their gold teeth for cash. As an aside, a little known Thembi factoid is that I used to have a job that consisted of calling dentist’s offices and offering them payment for used dental crowns. After collection of the extracted teeth, my boss would melt away the bone and be left with precious metal that he would sell in bricks as if it had never been in anyone’s mouth. Creepy enough for you? Well, this new report from Florida (where else?) does a great job demonstrating why I can’t trust the media, since the only “grill owners” interviewed swear that they would only stop flossin’ as a last resort. I’m also mad about Mr. Willie Williams, who is basically doing the Klan’s work for them by insisting that he’d never part with his gold teeth while scratching a head of dreads that I’m sure has kept him out of the job market for at least five years now.


  • AverageBro said:

    Jesus help us.

  • Jazzy said:

    Where in da heeelll do they find these people? I love your site btw, I tend to do more lurking than actual commenting.

  • Fernando said:

    willie is lying he mentioned how much he spent for it. the look away, pause before answer and head scratch leads me to believe he got them from a vending machine.

  • Siditty said:

    WIllie needs to evaluate why he cares more about the gold on his teeth, than the hair on his head. You know I am a advocate for natural hair styles. His has just gone wrong. He is giving folks with locs a bad name. It is like he gave up on them three years ago and just stopped caring, but yet he was too lazy to get a hair cut.

    Note to the Dallas folks. Poor Eric Glasser must have lost his job at Fox 4, and with stories like these, I can see why.

  • Thembi said:

    good call. that was one of those jon lovitz head turns!

    YES exactly…

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