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Sassy Old Person of The Week

24 July 2008 8 Comments

Olympic athlete’s grandmother, 78, chased and caught a mugger

Pearline Williamson, whose grandson is 100m runner Simeon Williamson, was out shopping when a young woman ran past her, pulling the purse from her hand. Without a thought for her own safety Mrs Williamson sprinted after the woman, believed to be in her early 20s, and managed to catch her.

The furious pensioner then shook her attacker in front of fellow shoppers in Edmonton, north London. The thief dropped the purse and escaped. Mrs Williamson said: “She must have thought I was an easy touch because I’m elderly. When she took my purse I had to do something so I ran after her and grabbed her as hard as I could. She said she hadn’t taken it at first, so I shook the life out of her until she finally gave it back.”
Rest of story here.

Thembi Says: Yeah Pearline! It’s news items like these that make me believe that black folks are the same all over the world, because my Nanny sure would have grabbed that thief up too. I hope that I still have that much sass in fifty years, especially the part about shaking the life out of her attacker. I actually feel kind of badly for homegirl – can you imagine the loss of pride that results from getting taken out by a senior citizen?


  • Regina said:

    I know that’s right!!!

  • Ehav Ever said:

    I love it. I saw my grandmother once do something like that to a cousin of mine, who unfortunately went down the wrong path while on drugs. She said something to my grandmother as a joke and my grandmother rolled up her sleeves and went after her. My grandmother use to hate it when people destroy their lives and then want to joke around about it.

    Actually, I think the burglar may have had a flash back of her own mother or grandmother. I know for a fact when you get yelled at, shaken, whooped, etc.by one elderly person it gives instant flashbacks of your own parents or grandparents doing it.

    Good for you Pearline. I love that name and the picture.

  • KelleBelle said:

    Loves me some Pearline!

    Please try and find video — I want to hear her cute yet sassy british black accent!

    I hope to be a “furious pensioner” like her when I’m old, gray, and a target.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    That picture is straight-up GANGSTA! “Talk shit–get hit.” LOVE it.

  • Qucifer said:

    Pearline Rules my world so hard for that mess!!

    she justified her thug on a young trifling heffa

  • sdg1844 said:

    Go Granny!

  • msladydeborah said:

    As I grow older the list of role models does too.
    Pearline is definitely one of those women I want to be!

  • Tina said:

    You go Grandma!

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