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5 August 2008 8 Comments

Ladies and gents, In Living Color’s Tommy Davidson out on the town. Yes, I am disturbed.

Hat tip: Invisible Woman


  • Anonymous said:

    “I’m to sexy for my choker”

    Oh no is that a slickback I see?

  • Phil$ said:


    he was always running around in some speedos for no reason anyway…same shit just without a tv show to make it ok.

  • Lucille said:

    save the children Lawd, save the children….here are my issues with this picture

    Problem #1: The choker…don’t make no damn sense for a man to be rocking a damn choker, or for that matter any kind of neck accessory…i am not a fan

    Problem #2: That cheap ass shirt he’s rocking…sorry homie that ain’t silk and it ain’t sexy

    Problem #3: His “wanna be De’Angelo” pose circa 1999 from the “Untitled” video…ahhh De’Angelo…so sad, so sad but I digress..

    Problem #4: His hair…now I have been having issues with Tommy D’s too tight, too short braids going on 5 or six years now when he first debuted the look…repeat after me gentleman…after the age of 25, braids are not an appropriate look any more. Now there are execptions to this rule. For instance, if you have that Pocahantas type hair then by all means let it flow, let it go but in Tommy’s case…his braids always are screaming for help…and are snap short, lets get it together for the sake of all man and womankind

  • Tina said:

    All I can think looking at this photo: homosexual. Take photos with the ladies all you want….

  • ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said:

    “I’m fabulous bitches!”

    He looks a hot mess.

  • Jazzy said:

    You didn’t know, pssssh you better ask somebody.

  • bklyn6 said:

    ‘Cause you’re beautiful
    (Like no other)
    Flawless, absolutely FLAWLESS!

    George Michael’s “Flawless (Go to the City).” It’s probably the song he’s preening to in that picture.
    That or “The Ones'” original .

  • Folding Table ` said:

    George Michael made some scandals a couple of years ago but i love his music”,*

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