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Fresh Black Girls: Grace Jones!

7 August 2008 4 Comments

While Blogger was holding my blog hostage I kept referring to it as “my baby,” a label that was met with a whole bunch of funny looks from my friends. By Sunday morning the scene below started running through my mind on a loop, hence the need for ths Grace Jones post.

Grace Jones is such a weirdo. I revere her diva-ness, intense beauty, androgyny, vanguard musical talents, and perhaps above all else, ability to scare people. If, say, she and I were in competition for the same man, or even worse, holding opposite ends of a sequined tube top in Filene’s Basement, I may have to use the little blade that I keep handy. At 5’10, Grace has always been a big, black Amazon woman with a flat-top, buzzcut, or some other aggressive form of hair – a countercultural bundle of unique intrigue. And you know homegirl is crazy, right? A fansite recounts:

The Grace Jones show will often devolve into mayhem. She’ll throw champagne bottles at the audience, drag fans onto the stage by their hair. She once jumped at me stilettos first. Actual fights have broken out. She might toke on a joint, perform naked, or in tears.

Grace’s real-life crazy has made her perfect for her roles in Boomerang and Conan The Destroyer, and her music (“My Jamaican Guy” and “Pull Up To My Bumper” are my favorites) carries that same StrangĂ©-ness even to this day. Can we take a look at something that probably gave me nightmares when it aired back in the day? Is it ok that it makes me slightly uneasy as an adult to I watch Emmy award-winning S. Epatha Merkerson play Pee Wee Herman’s little friend and Grace Jones show up in a breastplate and full length fur coat to sing “Little Drummer Boy”?

Wow. Grace Jones has a new album coming this October titled Hurricane. Check out the first single and freshly freaky video below, “Corporate Cannibal.”


  • Ill Mami said:

    OMG! I love Grace. Everything is perfect about her. I sometimes have dreams that I was living her life, and just as I am about to attempt to cut someone’s throat for not getting my drink order right at Studio 54 circa 1977, I wake up and think, “Dammit! Foiled again!”

    I was likened to Grace in my high school yearbook, and as someone who has emulated Grace down to her hairstyles even as an adolescent, I fully endorse aggressive hair. Men will flock to you in droves.

    Everyone needs a little Grace in their lives everyday.

    “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” asked Pee Wee. “Mais non,”replied Grace as she thrust his face into her breastplate and made him lick it.

  • Qucifer said:

    I ADORE that crazy bitch with all my shitty little heart has to give… to this day her cover of La Vie en Rose is my fave bar none, she can sing her ass off when she wants to and she doesn’t cause a bitch 99% of the time don’t give a fuck

  • Qucifer said:

    Ill I Agree so much with you on the Aggressive Hairstyle… when I have this shit shaven down and zebra print colored is when dudes be acting like they need to trip over me, case in point, i only find boyfriends when I have zero zip no nothing hair

  • blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said:

    Hey thembi!

    Grace Jones is one of a kind!!

    Her younger brother is a famous preacher…Noel Jones… umm… they do not look alike…


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