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Kwame Kilpatrick, I Blame YOU.

22 August 2008 11 Comments

Much in the same way that it’s inappropriate to say negative things about church-sangin’, if someone makes any old haphazard song about departed loved ones we’re supposed to stay mum on how horrible it is. In this case, I flat-out refuse to do so. This video is the pinnacle of hot steaming colored turd-mess. I can’t even say much before you watch it because you’ll think I’m exaggerating; by the end you’ll be offering Bill Cosby sexual favors.

First of all, who told homegirl to buy hair from the Homie The Clown Kanekalon Collection? She looks like the little red stick that comes with Cheese & Crackers. What in the name of Mush Mouth would make you fix your face to say “how the f*ck do we ‘posedta keep peace” like that’s English? What is that chick with the bolero jacket doing back there? If this is not Black America’s cry for help I don’t know what is.

Hat Tip: OHN, Deezy


  • Siditty said:

    OMG This song is genius. I was thoroughly impressed by the fact the girl couldn’t even keep up with the beats in the background, and was as serious as a heart attack as she was fumbling over her own rhymes. Seriously, one girl in the background is just smiling the whole time. She knew this was going to be a hot mess. I don’t understand the need to put pictures of the deceased at the end. Just do a shout out, don’t freak us out. We don’t all know Ray Ray like that.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    I must say that I learned a lot from this video. It was truly educational, entertaining, beautifully choreographed, and well lit. Who ever write the words was pure genius. More to the point a regular Shakespeare……………Oh I’m sorry. I was watching that aerobics video from Japan, Is that taxi on its way? Take anything you want.

    In terms this video. Its cold in the D. If I have to watch it one more time I will be saying, Spare me my life. This video is up there with the 24 Ghetto/Prison workout.

  • MsLindiwe said:

    This is entirely crazy. While I agree with Thembi that this is a clear a cry for help as I ever hope to hear from the black community, I have to say, I don’t think Kwame is to blame. This entire song and video is completely Hustle and Flow’s fault. Negroes watch that movie and actually believe that all you need to make a credible hip hop song is some egg crates and a tape deck.

  • NaturallyAlise said:

    I bet her ‘baby’s daddy’ is featured on MSNBC Lock-Up and she is jealous he got on TV and she didn’t, so she had to write a hot *cough cough* lukewarm 16 bars to get even….

  • Michelle said:

    babygirl, i don’t know how you “poseda keep peace,” but u can keep me from throwing up by NEVER EVER attempting something like this again. EVER.

  • Ill Mami said:

    She looks like the little stick that comes with Cheese & Crackers.

    Thembi, I seriously almost choked on what I was eating when I read that! I will make a note not to be eating when I read your posts in the future.

    With your permission, I will be using this line at every possible chance I can get.

  • Bygbaby said:

    OMFG, this is the hottest mess of the week. I need to put this on my blog ASAP!!!


  • Qucifer said:

    Thembi, I used to love you silly, but for this situation here:

    “Homie The Clown Kanekalon Collection”

    A sincere Fuck you and please get out the pool…..

    I’m still mad and the bouncy heffa in the bolero jacket and the kid also pouring from the dixie cup

  • Miss Gypsy Eyes said:

    That is sin and shame personified. I’ve watched it twice and never made it to the end. It’s disturbing that they made this mess, and didn’t even take the time to sync the track with her lyrical train wreck. I know “the D,” would rather she just left this as one of those ideas that sounds good at the time, because I know for damned sure it didn’t look good on paper.

  • Ill Mami said:

    @ Miss Gypsy Eyes,

    If you honestly think paper and a writing instrument was involved in this mess…then God bless you 😀

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