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What The Eff? Wednesday: The Game Show Fail

6 August 2008 4 Comments

Undercover Black Man, who is my long-lost play cousin, soul mate, or both, discovered a rather damning set of facts about the anagrams that can be made from the letters in Barack Obama’s name. I won’t spoil the surprise, but his quick and nerdy manipulation of the English language actually made me sleepwalk to my computer and attempt a few anagrams of my own. Although lately I’m more likely to favor Scrabble or trivia games, even as a kid I was obsessed with Variety’s Puzzle magazines and TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune. There is something so fabulous about being a black smart-alecky nerd, especially when some people are just dumb by comparison.

Wheel of Fortune is made way easier for the contestants to follow because of a board that shows which letters have already been guessed. Watch the college edition blow this concept out of the water after a series of ridiculous letter-plays.

What a pitiful group-orgy of moronic self-destruction. Is it possible that some people happen to be a little off on the big day and only seem like a morons?

I am so sad now. Dude really got played! Oh well, at least he’s not black.

Let’s step away from the nerdy stuff for a moment. Family Feud is a great game show because you don’t have to know anything in particular to play and win, just go with that gut reaction about what the survey says, right?

Oh, Freddie.

Still, sometimes you just have to play with the letters you’re dealt, like the two priests in this British anagram game show.

Well that was certainly awkward.

I want to be this woman when I grow up, because not only is homegirl a true brainiac for solving the puzzle so quickly, it’s actually my favorite show too…

Yes! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! At least we got somethin’.


  • Ill Mami said:

    OMG! “Cuntflaps” is sooo going to be my new catchall slur for idiotic people.

    Thanks, Thembi!

  • Anonymous said:

    Hello. Here’s odd comment from way out in left field.
    So I have watched countless hours of gameshows namely millionaire and feud(due to the frequency in which they are aired). One thing that I cannot help but notice, and for quite some time now, is that the black contestants seem to receive easier questions. This is especially true for Family Feud, where the winning family’s final board, is blatantly and egregiously easier when they are black. To be specific, the number one answers all seem to have 30 to 40 response values indicating the obviousness of the response so the first member frequently leaves a score well over a hundred. With millionaire, my obvservation more applies to the current daytime version where the questions have gotten drastically harder than those of the “Regis” era. This has been nagging at me for years now, and after watching todays episode of millionaire where a black contestant (who will be on tomorrow)faced a question asking him to identify the Beastie Boys’ genre, followed by a simple division question during the intermediate 4 and 8k$ levels, I felt the need to see if there were anyone else out there who has noticed this. So i did a simple google search using the words “black,” “gameshow,” and “easier” stumbling on this site. Obviously you’re not blogging exclusively on gameshows, but given your recent entry, it may indicate that you do watch them with some frequency. If this is the case, I would love to hear what you think regarding this issue. This is much more easier to see on family feud given the frequency of black family contestants and episodes during the day. Compare the final boards of the black families with those of others and let me know what you think.

  • Thembi said:

    I’ve watched a fair number of gameshows but now that I work fulltime I usually miss them. If I had time I would love to do such an analysis, but I highly doubt that any form of reparations is being enacted through gameshows. Statistically, there should be far fewer black people on gameshows than white people, and furthermore when it comes to shows like these the questions are prewritten and prechosen. Therefore there really should be no way of telling who is going to get which question or when. To put the icing on the cake, I know a few people who have been on gameshows and even though they’re black they got regular questions and didnt exactly win a million. But, if you have time to watch the GameShow network and do some analysis Id definitely be intrested in your findings.

  • Gate Latch  said:

    i love to watch family feud on youtube and on our local cable tv operator;.;

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