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26 August 2008 13 Comments

This R&B star hit big in the late ’90s but was more successful abroad than in the states. In spite of the less-than-timely do-rag and nose ring this is a 2008 photo. Any ideas?

UPDATE: I didn’t fool many of you with this one (although I’m mad that Lucille said he looks like his breath stinks in the comments). This is a current photo of Mark Morrison, a 1997 one-hit-wonder in the U.S. in spite of larger success in Europe. He’s pretty much a British version of DMX – he’s been arrested multiple times, once had someone do his court-ordered community service for him, and was even signed to Death Row for a second back when anyone rollin’ with Suge should be feared. “Return of the Mack,” still sounds pretty good to me and that voice of his is unmistakable.


  • AverageBro said:

    Mark Morrisson? Return of the Wack!?!? Right?

  • Lola Gets said:

    I was going to say the same thing!


  • blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said:

    Okay…I’ll guess if you promise not to start laughing…

    Is that Curtis Blow?

  • Malcolm said:

    Yup, it’s the “Return of the Mack” man.

  • Oli said:

    He was more successful abroad, ‘cos he is from ‘abroad’ LOL

  • Hampton06 said:

    Gotta be Mark Morrison.

  • Lucille said:

    He looks like his breath stinks…

  • Regina said:

    ROFLMBO @ Lucille!!!!! Hilarious… but probably true!

    I always hated that song!

  • Anonymous said:

    he looks like he has a bloated tongue or something

  • sparkle said:

    why does he look like he’s in the middle of a food allergy reaction?

  • Dara said:

    i think thats my first boyfriend…dont he live off stenton ave?

  • Hampton06 said:

    “don’t he live off stenton ave?” —FUNNY!

  • jazzfan360 said:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I *CLEARLY* should never have fallen behind on your blog because too much of this stuff has been recently relevant in my life. Looking back in my journal I see that the Friday before you posted this, I and some of my buddies were at a nightspot downtown and they were playing old-school, and a new guy to the group, a good-naturedly hickish white fella, suddenly lit up in the eyes and said, “OMG I’m gonna ask him to play ‘Return of the Mack!'” and sprinted up to the DJ. And we proceeded to jam like was nineteen-ninety-mutha-effin-seven. And have been blasting the song at every opportunity since then. That song is STILL bad.

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