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90210 is Back!

9 September 2008 4 Comments

I’m just too old for anything aimed at the MTV generation, and as much as I’d love to support that cutie pie Tristan Wilds as his career gets bigtime and mainstream, there’s just too much of the orginal 90210 in my head for me to get into the updated version. The kids on 90210 were so cool at the time, and the fact that I ever thought so makes me so straight-up elderly that its embarassing. Brain Austin Green should take like 75% of the blame for this.


  • bourgieadventures said:

    This new 90210 could not hold my attention for the whole ep. It was a “new” type of show back when it first came out. Now we have The O.C., The Hills, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill. All of those shows are like 90210, Bigger and Better.
    Tristan is the only thing worth watching on it, cute self.

    Oh and I had pajamas with Brandon’s and Dylan’s faces on it. :(

  • Miss Gypsy Eyes said:

    Don’t feel too bad, Thembi, I was in love with Brian Austin Green, as well. I even bought his horrendous CD, it sucked but, I was more interested in being able to hear his voice whenever I wanted. The things we do for love.

  • Amy said:

    I don’t know, but if Tristan Wilds is not the same character as “Michael” in the The Wire, then I just can not give into watching this non-sense!

    Just sayin.

  • Malcolm said:

    While channel surfing, I caught the last 10 minutes of the debut episode. It’ll be interesting to see where they take Tristan’s character. From what I hear, Erin Silver (Kelly and David’s younger sister) will have the fever for the flavor (and I’m not talking about Pringles).

    It’s too bad the You Tube clip you posted isn’t available anymore. However, if it’s David doing some of his dance moves, it might be good that I couldn’t watch the clip.

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