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Old School Fridays: Disco!

5 September 2008 10 Comments

Second only to the Japanese, the French seriously crack me up. To this day, few cultures have set a higher bar when it comes to the art of the snug-fitting garment. Sheila & B. Devotion’s “Spacer,” was produced by Niles Rodgers from Chic in 1980, and has since been sampled for a few not-so-macho dance hits by Alcazar and Mika. In case you’re wondering, the “B” in “B. Devotion” stands for “Black.” Why is that you ask? Just watch.

I didn’t know anything by Odyssey except “Native New Yorker“, but when I first heard “Inside Out” last year it instantly became one of my favorite songs. Produced by Slave in 1982, “Inside Out,” is really little more than a remix of “Watching You.” What makes this version new and improved are the subtler elements: the richness of the lead singer’s voice, the addition of that hot little bass twang, and the cheatin‘ bad girl lyrics speaking to a situation most of us have been in at least once. I’m not sure if this is technically disco or funk, but listening to it makes me want to put on a terry cloth onesie and go roller skating, which means that it’s disco enough for me.

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  • ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said:

    The first track is new to me but somehow seems familiar. But Nile Rogers was the man LOL. I enjoyed that video.

  • MrsGrapevine said:

    Is she devoted to black men??? This video is creepy, is that kin kong’s hand? do I need to be on something to watch this video? is this where andree 3000 gets his inspiration?

    So many questions, why do all the disco songs sound like re-makes of each other?

    I actually like both choices, but the videos are killers…

  • Invisible Woman said:

    Inside Out is Watching You? Hmmmm ….don’t know bout that one Thembs. What I do know is that I love both songs as much as one could….thanks for exposing folks to Odessey!

  • Thembi said:

    I’ve been on this orignal samples binge and trust me, the tracks are the same. Just listen! Its actually on the verge of depressing lol

  • MsMarvalus said:

    That first video is um…strange, to say the least…

    But the songs are good, and shouldn’t it about the music?

    Great picks!

  • Julian said:

    Now THOSE are what I call music videos.

  • donald said:

    see, this is why you are my sister. ive been feeling this track for a minute but i can neve rget a hold of it. watching you is my joint but this is the other half of the snoop and pharel “lets get blowed” joint. props

  • donald said:

    its the baseline thats the same. the rest is rendition and remix

  • Martin Lindsey. said:

    Terry cloth onsie? So that’s what those things were called. Good to read fellow old head bloggers like you Thembi.

  • mechell said:

    yes I love it could not get into that whole spacer thing I was just confused but inside out definitely my thing I am a deep disco head (aka deep house in chicago) and it is huge here. keep it coming

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