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Old School Fridays: Girl Groups!

12 September 2008 10 Comments

A few weeks ago at a barbecue the subject of 90’s r&b came up and I immediately inserted myself into a hearty debate regarding the merits of one of my favorite girl groups: Xscape. This guy was laughing at the idea of an Xscape reunion, claiming that the group only had one song. Au contraire! Xscape was one of the most consistent girl groups of the 90’s, boasting a bunch of jams that everyone remembers but acts like they don’t (of course I was forced to sing snippets from each one to prove my point, much to the (dis)pleasure of the entire gathering). Back then you could not tell me that I wasn’t Latocha Scott, the thick one with the really great voice, in fact I was was often told that I resemble her a little. Xscape is to blame for my few misguided forays into the world of bandannas and vests, not to mention a youth spent wearing jeans that were noticeably too big for me. I can’t pick just one favorite, so instead check out this medley of Latocha, Tamika, Tiny, and Kandi getting their harmony on. 90’s r&b at its finest!

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  • Reginald Dorsey said:

    “Tiny, pick up the phone, I know you hear me. Look, that girl meant nothing to me – NOTHING!” (c) bol trying to redeem himself with Tiny Harris.

  • Vivrant Thang said:

    As you know, one of my face girl groups from the 90s. Everyone wanted to be Tameka huh? Who knew?

  • Believer 1964 said:

    Hey! Didn’t know you were participating. Happy OSF!

    I don’t think I know this group, but cool medley.

  • treina said:

    Haha! Yeah, Xscape was one of the CDs I ripped onto my iPod when I made the switch to digital music. Their remake of “Who Can I Run to?” is my jam.

  • Regina said:

    I love Xscape and like them even better after they cam out of the ugly baggy boy clothes and grew up a little. Who Can I Run To and Understanding are my favorites!
    great pick!

  • Marcus LANGFORD said:

    this video was put together pretty well. xscape was definitely one of the best female groups of the 90’s. at least we know what “tiny” is up these days…lol.

    [Associated Mess©]

  • MsMarvalus said:

    I love this collage of songs…I liked when they came up out the jeans and got all sexy…them girls could blow!

  • Anonymous said:

    Xscape was obviously one of the more talented girl groups of the
    90s next to En Vogue, but b/c of their looks they never really got their props.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    What *I* wanna know is whatever happened to Brownstone! I only remember two songs from them, really…one was a not-bad (and surprisingly logical) R&B remake of the Eagles' "I Can't Tell You Why" and their big hit, "If You Love Me," which I've always claimed ranks up there with Blackstreet's "Joy" as one of the most mature, impeccably well-crafted R&B songs of that decade. They burned real hot for like, a second, then disappeared. Like Total…except Total wasn't nearly as good and just had that one fun lightweight jam. But wow, I digress.

  • Anonymous said:

    I have an ipod playlist dedicated strictly to 90s girl groups and yes, Xscape is prominent! Love your blog!

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