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Old School Fridays: Road Trip Songs!

19 September 2008 14 Comments

Whenever I drive an hour or more I needs me some Adult Contemporary. I’m talking about those songs that you don’t ever remember being on the charts but you know the lyrics by default. There’s a reason why Adult Contemporary plays as hold music on the phone and in waiting rooms – everybody at least kind of knows and enjoys most of it. The same applies to sitting in a car with a bunch of people hour after hour. It’s cheesy stuff but it does the trick.

Phil Collins is one of my absolute favorite artists and I’m no longer embarrassed to shout it from the rooftops! We have the same birthday so I think there’s a connection there. Anyway, 1983’s song “That’s All,” is from when he was lead singer of Genesis and is begging to be used in a sloppy hip-hop sample.

While I’m talking about cheesiness and embarrassing myself through music, I need to mention the whiteman’s pornstar moustache rocked by John Oates and admit that I’m sad that he’s now shaved it off. It’s almost as if Hall & Oates lost its third member. Anyway, 1984’s “Out of Touch,” is a classic that agrees with everyone but it’s in my personal top 25 of all time just for the sing-along-ability alone.


  • Invisible Woman said:

    Very ummmm…interesting. :-)

  • Regina said:

    HAHA! LOL@ the whiteman's pornstar mustache!
    I love me some Hall & Oats!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Aida said:

    “that’s all” is tied with “follow you, follow me” as my favorite genesis song of all time!

  • MsMarvalus said:

    Bwa-hahaha! Whiteman’s pornstar mustache…you are too much!

    These are too good ones…this is the music they play at the salon where I get my nails done…they always look at me side-eyed because I’m singing along…like I can’t know the words to THESE songs!

    Happy OSF!

  • One Man’s Opinion said:

    Look at you, picking great songs. I really love “That’s All”. “Out of Time” is pretty good too.

  • BorisUK said:

    jeeeeeeeeeeeeez stop making me feel old

    and LMAO at your blog thembi, this site is def up there with the bossips and perez hiltons of teh internets

    this is my day 2 on WWTD lol

  • Vanessa said:

    you’re not alone, Thembi. I’m admit that I liked Oates’ curly-mullet-fro and muscle shirt in this video…

  • tws392000 said:

    So I’m not alone in liking Phil Collins!

    Every time I mention that I like his music, my wife looks at me like I’m crazy.

    Good choices, enjoy your weekend. I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, but this is the first time I have commented.

    Enjoying the blog and keep up the good work.

  • mint_tea said:

    Hall & Oates are A-Ok.

    But Santogold is the coolest new 80's popstar imo!


  • Don said:

    Same here, Phil Collins had some great songs back in the day.

    Great choice.

  • bklyn6 said:

    I’ve always had a hunch that Oates was Hispanic. (In my mind I’m always thinking Otez.)

  • Dara said:

    dont act like you need a road trip to listen to this (mess)!

  • tips paradise blog said:

    I’ve always like traveling in the ears of a listener to road trip songs. i envy you for these nice videos you got here while I rarely try to have a look at YouTube to post in my own blog, you seem to really know your way to find a video for yours. Nice to be here.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Ooh, shut up. I sang “That’s All” for a friend’s birthday last week. That’s my jam. But then according to my white friends, EVERYTHING’s my jam…

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