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12 September 2008 2 Comments

Posting has been pretty light this week because I’m in the process of implementing some change, a word I hate to use because I’m sick of hearing its meaning twisted by certain political parties. The gluttony and free-wheeling attitude that I had such a blast with this summer has now come to an end, and it’s time for me to focus on what’s next.

I’m still looking for new digs, and a recent confrontation with a crazy dude in the street this week has put me all up on Craig’s List. The guy randomly approached me speaking in tongues and had a knot in his head the size of a lemon. It’s just too much, so West Philly, goodbye.

In my so-called professional life, my organization is undergoing a number of changes, which has meant a bunch of all-day meetings filled with lip-service and subsequent rumor-sharing sessions filled with doomsday prophecies. So I’m sure you realize that a fair amount of time has been spent brushing up the old resume and secretly hoping that I win the lottery, get broken off with some state assistance, or both.

I’ve been especially angsty lately and I blame that witch Sarah Palin. This election has put me in a state of defensiveness that can only be attributed to the fact that when anything negative is said about Barack Obama, even if its in that Republican “code-word” speak, I immediately feel as though something bad is being said about my own momma. That woman especially makes me feel the urge to get violent. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is going through this, so I’ll collect my thoughts this weekend and present you all with some strategies on dealing with “Election Fatigue” very soon.

The great part is that I’m extra focused on getting involved with everything media-related that I can, including some upcoming print publications and collaborations with recording artists. I recently shared my take on feminism with the writers of GIRLDrive, an upcoming collection of interviews examining my generation’s take on being female. A snippet can be found here, but please don’t laugh at the photo of me laid up with an empty wine glass soothingly close by. That’s just how I roll.

Stay tuned for a WWTD exclusive entertainment review next week!


  • imaG said:

    Good post..Sarah Palin…and they call Obama a celebrity?


  • Jazzy said:

    Nothing like a glass of wine to close the evening. Good post as always. I too feel as if anyone attacking Obama is personally attacking me and I have to check myself before snapping on someone.

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