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Thembi on Television!

29 September 2008 23 Comments

Part 1 of VH-1’s “100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs” premieres tonight at 10 PM, and parts 2-5 will air each night this week, all right in time for October 6th’s VH-1 “Hip Hop Honors 2008.” Yours truly is a talking head weighing in on the picks – I’m definitely on Wednesday night’s segment so if you get a chance please check it out!

I filmed this show back in April and on the way out of the studio I ran into Erick Sermon, who is way more attractive in person than I expected. Seriously, he made me want to step my game up bigtime to catch me a grown old head with some of those early hip-hop money stacks. Anyway, I figured my footage would end up on the cutting room floor considering hip-hop heavyweights like him were also being asked to participate in the show, so I feel very fortunate to be included at all! I also got to introduce this “New School Hip-Hop” video playlist – do I look and sound anything like you imagined?

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  • Jay said:

    Lovely, just lovely.

    Man, how can I be down!?!?

  • BorisUK said:

    i cant see it
    only for american audiences

    i’ll look for it on youtube or summin

    but im guessing u used terms like “what had happened was”, “im fina” and “ghetto revival”

    ahahah j.k

  • Malcolm said:

    That is so cool! Although I could see the video, I couldn’t get any sound. I’ll try back later.

  • gradmommy said:

    This is great – I will definitely be watching :) Please do tell us – how DOES one get down?

  • Invisible Woman said:

    Go Thembs!

    (choking and swallowing back my small amount of orange flavored hatorade) haha!

  • Bryan Maltier said:

    Just saw you on VH1 i was excited I now can say i know someone who knows someone who’s sister was on TV!!!!!!

  • bourgieadventures said:

    Aw, so cute! Good job!
    I saw myself on national television once and cringed! I wish I had a do-over!
    You don’t need one, though.

  • Butta said:

    Just saw someone named “Thembi” on VH1 and I had to rush over here to see if it was you. Sure enough! Congrats, girl. That’s a great look! Who is your agent? 😉

  • Mama Frog said:

    so proud! i love seeing my folks on TV.

  • Dara said:

    mmhmm, that fresh hair runs in the family. great job sis!

  • Ill Mami said:

    You absolutely rock! Good job, girl!

  • Stacy said:

    OMG! i saw your segment on VH1 this morning! SOO exciting!!!

  • Thembi said:

    Thanks everyone!

    And Butta, I don’t have an agent but should get one, hunh!? If u know anyone…

  • Jazzy said:

    AAAAHHHHHHH! You go girl! You looked great and as always you add something fresh.

  • Chuck said:

    I actually saw the show. I was doing some work and had the show on in the background, I just happened to look up when I saw you. Man, I GOT CRUNK!

  • bliz said:

    this guy in the white suit… hmmmm…

    “rapper’s consciousness peaked in the mid 90’s”

    what a fucking ridiculous statement. i would like someone with an education who can spell to explain this “conscious rapper” label that won’t seem to go away.

  • bliz said:

    ps- this is awesome

  • Ginneh Akbar said:

    Ahem, I Don’t mean to toot my own horn (beep beep) but I’m responsible for the hair…in a roundabout kinda way. Second, someone called me today like “yoooo Thembi’s on vh1! She’s like Waldo! In the Metro, on the computer on TV!” I couldn’t stop laughing…you are kinda everywhere. And, although I’m used to looking at your face for the past, what, close to 15 years now, I must say that TV is a good look for you and I look forward to seeing much MORE of you on it. Let’s make it happen!!!

  • Vee (Scratch) said:

    I just saw the episode yesterday night. To answer your question, I really had no expectations on how you look, but you’re definitely cute, excuse me, a pretty young woman.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    A Star Is Born. I had to go the You-Tube root to find it, but I just saw it. First, you are a talking head and who knows you may end up with your own show. Congrats.

  • Vivrant Thang said:

    I had to come over here and give up a “You Go Girl!” You’re doing big things over here. Major congrats!

  • KelleBelle said:

    1. I am and always will be your agent. Don’t you remember that Margarita Tuesdays at Young Kingston’s? I have copies of the agreement you signed.

    2. You look and sound AMAZING! I’mma need VH1 to glam me up one of these days. Is that your jacket? Super cute.

  • anwar said:

    congrats!! i was pseudo ignoring the pimp made coach and next thing i hear a familiar voice, that turned into a familiar face.

    when we gonna catch up? for the first time, lol

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