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What?!? But I’m…ME!

5 September 2008 11 Comments

Of course I’ve always been a superhero in my own mind, haven’t you?

I would like to take a second to thank all of those who voted in the Black Weblog Awards and congratulate the winners. Unfortunately, WWTD was not among them, which is cool because I was pretty surprised to even be nominated.

The thing about this blog is that everything here, with the exception of the occasional reader submission, comes from my tiny and strange brain alone, which makes my post frequency like a second job. I don’t talk gossip, show pictures of Rihanna’s new tube top, or try to stay up on the latest trends. Honestly, I’m not really sure what this blog is supposed to be or why any of you keep reading it, but I’ve heard it can be addictive. I’ve also heard that if you read the comments you start to feel like you all know each other in this little community (at least I sure feel like I know many of you). Whether you’re just passing through or have been following from the start, let it be said that things are about to get much worse around here. By worse I mean weirder, more randomly nostalgic, and more Negroidian. In the coming months this blog will be chock full of that Thembi stuff that you love but hate, I will be using the English language in unexpected and often offensive ways, and I just may start voicing my opinion on any old thing that suits my fancy.

You know how every movie about the pitfalls of stardom has that scene where the main character looks at himself in the mirror and then shatters his own reflection with a quick punch? This is totally the opposite of that. Rather, this last month of self-promotion has made me realize that this blog is not supposed to be for everyone or anyone in particular. I’m definitely a black woman, but this is not a black woman blog. I talk about entertainment and politics but I’m no expert on either. Since well before I ever ran around the house in Wonder Woman undies, I’ve been the same crazy Thembi, and the people who have any idea what I’m talking about have definitely been in the minority. I’m used to it and that’s kind of the way I like it. So if you’ve made it this far please do keep reading – you’re in the club now and there’s really no turning back!


  • NaturallyAlise said:

    Yes, I have been sucked into the WWTD vortex! No turning back, lol!

  • Lola Gets said:

    Oh my God no! Please tell me you arent wearing Wonder Woman Underoos?!!!?!!

    I shouldnt talk though: I had a Wonder Woman bathing suit. My younger sister might have had one too, but Im not sure. I loved that thing!


  • A.S.K. said:

    Thembi, you’re the best.

  • Hampton06 said:


  • Michelle Haimoff said:

    They’re not ready for you because you’re defining a genre that doesn’t exist yet. But if you keep writing, it will.

  • Vanessa said:

    I had Spider Man ones! And yes, your blog is brilliant.

  • Julian said:

    Soooo, I know you’re not concerned or salty about this, and I wasn’t either until I SAW the blogs you were in competition with.

    Umm… NO.

    Firstly, both of them have like 4 and 5 writers contributing regularly (for a blog?!?), and have banner ads and fancy logos, but, oh… NO COMMENTS. Like, who’s reading them? Not to mention the blog posts are full of straight up BLANDERY! A bunch of broad rehashed nothingness and flat humor. I was genuinely shocked, like, I expected to be impressed, b/c, well, WWTD is…. WWTD! It’s fresh, intelligent, bold, controversial, cutting edge…

    Oh, wait… I think I’m answering my own question… Wow, so, in that case, congratulations!!!

    And please don’t ever sell out.

  • Kim said:

    Congrats Thembi! I just have one question, what was the gate for? Were they trying to keep you out or keep you in? LOL! And those Wonder Woman underoos are fabulous!!!

  • Bygbaby said:

    Congrats cuz you is still a winner boo!!!

    “Of course I’ve always been a superhero in my own mind, haven’t you?” I only felt like a super hero when I had on my underoos.


  • cRock said:

    Yo, that outfit is poppin! And look at how the hair accessories coordinate! If that’s not the work of a beautiful mind, I don’t know what is!

  • mechell said:

    Today is my first day discovering your blog and I am very impressed. Its not all the gossip about celebrities, its not cocky or arrogant or ignorant (aka sandra rose) she bothers me. anyway I will bookmark this site and will definitely keep reading. I think this is well written and gives new aspects of things so that you can have new conversations which is what a blog should be all about. plus I love the underoos (huge fan wonderwoman, superwoman, r2d2 I wish they still sold them so I get some for my kids) they are great . keep doing what u do when u do what u love accolades will come

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