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Fresh Black Girls: The Fields’!

7 October 2008 6 Comments

My sister is getting married next year so my mother and I have been helping her get everything all organized. The resultant mother-daughter-daughter trio is what made me think of the Fields Girls – Chip, Kim, and Alexis Fields. All of us know Kim Fields from her fantastic turns as Tootie on The Facts of Life and Regine on Living Single – she’s always possessed a natural comedic ability that draws upon genuine self-awareness and down-home attitude. Alexis Fields was a regular cast-member on Roc, Sister, Sister, and Moesha. Their mother, Chip (Hurd) Fields, is recognizable as an actress (Penny’s Mom on Good Times and Regine’s hopelessly tacky mother Laverne) but her full list of achievements spans over thirty years. In addition to her stage, film, and television career, Chip was one of the Ronettes, has directed numerous sitcoms, and is one of the most high profile acting coaches in Hollywood. What’s cute is that Kim teaches acting classes with Chip sometimes, and Alexis and Kim recently hosted the St. Lucia Jazz festival together. What’s even cuter is that Alexis has her first baby on the way – can you imagine the Fields gaggle fussing over that newborn? There’s something about the way all three of them speak (I think its in the tooth/jaw area) that can only be genetic. I love a good black Hollywood dynasty!

After you refresh your memory with the scene where she burns Penny with that iron, check out this confrontation between Chip and Ja’Net DuBois as Wilona. I consider the scenes between these two actresses among the best performances ever on a black sitcom. As evidenced by the reaction of the live studio audience, this is some serious acting!


  • AverageBro said:

    That scene is chillingly good, 30 years after the fact. I honestly didn’t realize that was Chip Fields until now.

    Geez, they just don’t make black TV like they used it.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Oh my god, that was INSANELY intense! Chip and Ja’Net threw DOWN. I come down on Good Times really hard a lot of the time for being WAY too dire ALL the damn time, but they made a whole lotta right moves too, and it sure is somethin to see some powerful black actors SERIOUSLY representing like that on major network television. I wanted to cry, not because of the subject matter, but because how well it was interpreted.

    On lighter notes…

    -Alexis is SUPA fine.
    -Kim needs to give them braids a REST. She is STILL attempting to rock that nasty ’90s braidweave.
    -Chip was SO far beyond hysterical on Living Single that it is beyond any praise I could offer with the vocabulary available to me. I wish I was watching right now.

  • clnmike said:

    Lol, I didnt know they were related.

  • Bonnie said:

    Good lord, at the 38-40 second mark, Thelma looks like she is about to cut ol’ girl for real…

  • bklyn6 said:

    As evidenced by the reaction of the live studio audience, this is some serious acting!

    There was always somebody in the audience yelling: “RIGHT ON!” :-)

    I like the episode when Chip comes back all ghettofabulous. Yet, diamonds and furs can’t hide the fact that she’s still dysfunctional.

  • Dara said:

    BAHAHA thanks for the shout-out. im glad that i get to be alexis, the most under-appreciated and undoubtedly cutest of the three.

    im sure mom will take an iron to me at some point in the next few months…

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