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Good Hair Gone Worse: What the El?

27 October 2008 7 Comments

Lord have mercy. You know I love to provide thorough investigations of light & curly hotties from back in the day who have now lost their paths in life, and the “Good Hair Gone Bad: Debarge” installment is still one of my favorite posts. Sadly, I have an update for the archives. El Debarge was arrested earlier this month for possession of a controlled substance, most likely some form of stimulant considering I’ve never once seen his eyes open that wide and part of me, perhaps the part that’s in denial, hopes that its all a mistake and this isn’t really El. Still, his saucer-wide eyes suggest a level of surprise that I just don’t have in these matters anymore, especially considering the fact that he’s also been popped by five-O in recent years for domestic abuse, more drug possession, and vandalism. Vandalism? Who vandalizes things anymore? I have a feeling Mama Debarge is against head shrinking, but black folks need to accept that addiction is real and seek help! I propose a washed up r&b version of Celebrity Rehab to include El and Chico Debarge, all of Jodeci, and whoever else is wilin’ out instead of in the studio reinvigorating r&b!

EDIT: Here’s a picture of El during better times for comparison. If you look at the ears there should be no question that the mugshot is also him. Sigh…


  • clnmike said:

    MAN! That would be one hell of a Celebrity Rehab.

  • Missy said:

    I used to be sooo in love with him. Oh, how I long for the good old days.

  • Julian said:

    In my Voices of Praise singing voice:

    ::Pretty don’t last always::

  • Invisible Woman said:

    I saw that pic the other day and felt so sad, and I was never really an El fan. I guess it’s cause the whole entire family went down over drugs. Even Bunny.

  • Invisible Woman said:

    btw, he was sentenced to the pokey for 2 years yesterday…

  • Tafari said:

    LOL@ the post title. Genius!!!

  • Brigitte said:


    I was never a fan but that brother’s mug shot could rival Nick Nolte’s.

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