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Monday Morning Political Roller Coaster

19 October 2008 7 Comments

Sarah Palin was on SNL this weekend. She is not funny. She “raised the roof,” further fueling the stereotype that white people over 40 have difficulty letting go of urban expressions (can I get a “Whoomp there it is”?). She sort of did the cabbage patch and poked her lips out like a black person, the epitome of the “white people dancing” phenomenon yet somehow depressing instead of endearing. This is the downhill part of the aforementioned roller coaster.

Barack Obama roasted John McCain at a fancy dinner. He is wearing a very valet-like white bow tie. He has a really cute little laugh and I really have to admire his ability to crack jokes about this whole election business because most of us haven’t been able to do so. This is the uphill part of the roller coaster.



  • Jazzy said:

    Thembi, Palin did look oddly uncomfortable during the skit section with Alec Baldwin. What did you think of Colin Powell endorsing Obama?

  • Thembi said:


    Every little bit help when it comes to endorsements and Powell really broke it down in a way that the more sane/intellectual conservatives will respect and understand. The only bug-out is the predictable right-wingers saying that Powell is only endorsing Obama because they’re both black. For the life of me I cant figure out why white people don’t understand that there IS no black agenda!

  • Boris(UK) said:

    i agree bout the rap thing and palin not being funny

    i think tina fey would have done something awesome in those 5min palin wasted

    and at colin powell endorsement, i think barack needs those big names because mccain says hes innexperienced and coz of the whole terrorist thing[SMH]

  • Invisible Woman said:

    I think Palin was uncomfotable, cause she knew that there were plenty of people who very clearly hate her on that show. Despite the skit, you could see that Alec Baldwin could barely hold in his contempt. He is a very outspoken activist, btw.

  • Boris said:

    lmao at sarah palins “oh no she didnt look” at the end

    that rap was better than like 70% of todays rap too

    “when i ay obama you say ayers”……classic. that rap is up there with ether

  • cinco said:

    Palin left no doubt as to why she’s not qualified to run our country if needed. I’d rather watch Tina Fey.

  • Regina said:

    LOL!! I too would rather watch Tina Fey! But Amy Pohler did her thing!

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