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14 October 2008 5 Comments

I really miss Dave Chappelle but I’ll give him a pass since he seems to be up to “family time.” Still, if he could resurface to do maybe 30 minutes of stand-up about the election it’d make a lot of us feel significantly more sane.[h/t Jezebel]

My girl Celia at Sicka Than Average is putting me in the mood for retail therapy again with her list of the Top 25 Fragrances of All Time. Can someone buy me somethin’ please?

A new study reveals that the great-great-grandfather of CNN’s Anderson Cooper once owned Michelle Obama’s great-great-grandfather as a slave. Awkward, hunh?

Invisible Woman is sometimes forced to take on the work of the cursed by finding and posting black cinema stuff that should stay buried. Case in point: Carl Lewis’ acting reel. WILD!

You know I’m usually not so into light-skinneded, but this dude Alphacat does a Barack Obama impression that makes me wanna holla at him. Check it out:


  • Invisible Woman said:

    Thanks for the shout, Thembs, tho you are about to put those who click over through 1:50 of WTF-dom.

  • jazzfan360 said:

    Dave’s puttering around here somewhere. Somebody’s always telling me they just ran into him at the DMV or the supermarket. I hear every once in a great while he drops by a popular comedy club downtown and does a brief set at the end of the night just to stay sharp or try new material.

    I wish I’d known someone was taking suggestions for a Top Perfumes ranking because any list like that really shouldn’t be without Lancome Paris’ TrĂ©sor. Wildly expensive, but if you smell it once, you never forget it. And not in a “Whoa WTF” stanknasty way like Forever Krystle. ::Shudder::

  • Reginald Dorsey said:

    I had no idea Anderson Cooper was a daggone Vanderbilt.

  • BorisUK said:

    i LOVE invisible woman
    i been lookin sooo hard for a black cinema site
    see thats why i HATE BET, thats the kind of shit they need to promote dammit. theres so much good black cinema. all they show is coonery and bufoonery

    and where is Chanel Alure. when i use that i style on people lol

  • Blazingnickel said:

    looks like Chappelle has been working out a bit!

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