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Old School Fridays: Baby Makin’ Music!

3 October 2008 18 Comments

Between, say, the ages of ten and sixteen, there were certain songs that would come on the radio in the presence of my parents and completely embarass me. “I Wanna Sex You Up,” by Color Me Badd, “I Want Your Sex,” by George Michael, and “Do Me!” by Bell Biv Devoe are obvious examples. Yet, songs that were blatantly about sex casued only mild embarassment when compared to those that used slang terms to refer to sex, which would then force my mom or dad to say “What does that mean?” I was the type to play dumb like I had no idea. Nowadays such slang words are jokes within themselves. ‘Get busy,’ ‘Jimmy Hat,’ and my personal favorite “Knockin’ Boots,” are all phrases that are rightfully buried in the Urban Slang graveyard. If your significant other uses these words to discuss lovemaking, it’s a sure bet that he/she is an oldhead. In honor of such euphemisms I present H-Town’s 1993 hit “Knockin’ Da Boots.”

Bonus: Just because I really do miss Gerald Levert so much, I’m sneaking in LSG’s “My Body” from 1997.

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  • ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said:

    You know I was listening to H-Town not too long ago on YouTube. I don’t care how old it is, them dudes can sang!

    Too bad about Dino passing away. :(

  • Ill Mami said:

    Despite the embarrassing gyrations in this video, the lead singer always gives me tingles whenever I hear this song. It’s trashy and classy all at the same time.

  • shelbyinitalia said:

    my parents found this one in the CD player and shut me down QUICK.


  • pjazzypar said:

    Gerald! Gerald! Gerald! Need I say more?

  • Hagar's Daughter said:

    I still say “knockin’ boots” (because I think of this song) and I get no argument from The Husband – LOL.

    Happy OSF.

  • Regina said:

    LOL@ Hagar’s Daughter!!
    Great choices! Loving them both, but I am partial to LSG!

  • Anonymous said:

    On the flip side, I still to this day can’t listen to Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me” without flashing back to when my mom was singing along with it when it came on the radio in the car. Talk about words you NEVER want to hear coming out of your mom’s mouth…

  • clnmike said:

    Nice picks, especially LSG.

  • Ehav Ever said:

    When I tutored high school students one of my students had the funniest slang on this. She used to say Wrecking Shop. We would all get a good laugh at that one.

  • Qucifer said:

    THEMBI!!! did I just see yo ass in VH-1!!!?!?!??!

    I acted real ignorant there for a minute

  • MrsGrapevine said:

    That song was the jam here in Texas, they takes me back. We had the H-Town CD and they had a song on there called One Night Gigolo, now that was a baby making song…

    Although, I like the LSG song, Keith Sweats’s voice will kill the moment for me…

  • Invisible Woman said:

    lol MGV/Keith Sweat!

  • msladydeborah said:

    Hey Thembi,

    Great choices!
    Especially Lavert. I miss him too.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Malcolm said:

    You made two good choices. It’s odd that both of these groups each have a deceased member.

  • Vivrant Thang said:

    I’m mad I know every word to Knocking…still. Probably the gyrations too.

    I don’t feel so bad about saying the same for “My Body.”

  • BorisUK said:

    NO LIE
    i was humming this song when i saw old school friday
    oooooomg i remember this shit

    Thembi why cant the 00’s be like the 90s. music and black television wise. all we have now is coonery galore. we want shit like wayans bros, steve harvey show, AMEN!!! etc

  • BorisUK said:

    can we have Kenny G next week too?


  • Aaliyah said:

    such excellency, i can barely stand it. i still have that LSG cd. it was the penultimate combination of R&B, gettin your sex on talent, an album that every young 16-yr-old should have. that and a Silk album always kept me embarrassed around my folks…

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