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The Vice-Presidential Debate and Election Fatigue

3 October 2008 9 Comments

Just like most of you, I sat in front of my television on Thursday night waiting – no, hoping – that Sarah Palin would say something so ridiculous that the Republican ticket would be rendered irrelevant due to the sheer stupidity of its Vice-Presidential candidate. That didn’t happen, and once it became clear that it wouldn’t happen I kind of lost interest in the details. I am suffering from what I can only call “Election Fatigue.” I’m over-emotional, hanging on every factoid that the media throws at me, and re-prioritizing my television schedule to participate in the political process in ways that aren’t at all entertaining. You see, I decided who I was voting for a long time ago, so all of this article-reading and debate-watching is just, well, a frenzy. I feel powerless and frustrated at so many things surrounding this election and it stresses me out just enough to notice; I am convinced that most of us are going to need Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment come November fifth regardless of the outcome. Election Fatigue has most of us in its grips as we tolerate the ridiculousness of the Right, fantasize about an Obama presidency, and hope for the best.

How do I know that we’re all losing our minds? Lately a number of people have admitted to me that they feel sorry for Sarah Palin. “The poor thing!” they’ve said. “She has no idea what she’s gotten herself into, and she’s absolutely clueless.” While it’s true that Sarah Palin has done more to erode the stereotype that glasses are for smart people than Raj Thomas from What’s Happening?!?! ever could, please do not feel sorry for her. Save your liberal benevolence for Darfur, random crackheads in the hood, or even for Hillary Clinton. Do anything with your pity except hand it to Sarah Palin. She is vomitrocious. Barfilicious. A liar and a cheat like Katherine called Joe Jackson. Part of the beauty of being a liberal is having empathy for others, but please, save it for someone who’d have empathy for you. Do you feel sorry for Sarah Palin? If so, the election must be getting to you.

H/T Daily Kos

The Election Fatigue monster is fed by the sheer stupidity in motion we are forced to watch as the candidates court “undecided” voters. What are these people, lobotomized??? How can anyone be undecided at this point? As a result, my constant issue with the vice-presidential debate was the deer-in-headlights look on Sarah Palin’s face as she puked up all of the well-rehearsed crapola that caters to such voters. It was all very reminiscent of my days in sales, when I knew all of the facts and figures that would help corporate buyers flood their shelves with products that no one needed, no one really wanted to buy, and Thembi personally could care less about. That look, a look that I know rather well, is one of pseudo-enthusiasm laced with the self-awareness of mediocrity. Watching Palin throw in a “c’mon,” and “gotcha” in between winks was beyond nauseating, it was sad, because her phoniness and C-plus-ness passed for excellence in too many living rooms across America. Mediocrity is like a drug – the best thing about it is that when you’re mediocre, you’re never disappointed in yourself. Just like a drug, when you’re on that good stuff like Palin is, it pains the rest of us to watch you lame your way through events like that debate. Thanks to recent gaffe after gaffe, Sarah Palin succeeded in setting the bar so low that she couldn’t help but meet or exceed our expectations. Do you think that Sarah Palin “held her own” last night? If so, the election must be getting to you.

Even though I wasn’t alive back then, how much do I miss the sixties? I’d gladly go back to the days of Jim Crow if Sarah Palin could show up to the debate with a Nixon-esque 5 o’ clock shadow and come across as greasy and shifty as she really is on the inside. While Joe Biden is officially “my white daddy,” I believe that Sarah Palin is “evil,” and such a thing as “evil” only exists once I start listening to her call other people and countries “evil.” My dislike for her and her misrepresentation of facts has me adopting a whole new belief system. Basically, either my eyes deceive me or this totally unprepared person could easily be leader of our country someday. That means that she must be a Manchurian Candidate and someone else is pulling the strings. Have any of you also considered this possibility? It’s a C-O-N-spiracy, a belief that I have only ever had about the JFK assassination. And speaking of which, have your fears surrounding Barack Obama’s safety increased or decreased? As the far Right gets antsier about an Obama victory I can’t help but imagine some gun-toting red-stater, high on Bud Light and chewing tobaccy, going from talking trash to taking action against our Hope. He’s wearing a plaid shirt and standing by a pick-up truck. I can see it clear as crystal. The election is really getting to me!

Let me at least be positive about this. Instead of burying my head in the sand I’m trying to stay effectively involved, and I invite you to do the same. The next time you see one of those voter registration forms lying around at the library, or more likely at the liquor store, throw three or four of them into your handbag. When you’re at the club, ask any dude who tries to holla at you if he’s registered, and if not give him the form to fill out. Give him your phone number only after it’s been completed. Volunteer, volunteer, VOLUNTEER – at the polls, handing out fliers, or whatever. Remember that, worst case-scenario, your life will continue just as it has these past eight years, and in the best case, we’ll be able to sleep a little more soundly because we know that our government is on the capable side. And most importantly, request November fifth off from work now so that on Election Night you can booze it up without consequence, be it out of celebration or lament. ‘Cause this one is really gonna be a doozy.


  • MrsGrapevine said:

    I’m not going to be able to enjoy it if Obama wins because I will need political detoxing… I think it won’t hit me until he’s sworn in, because I will still be in combat mode…

    I don’t understand the undecided, when the winds blows they change their mind. When their finances start hurting suddenly race isn’t a big deal…You will have to be dumb to be undecided.

    I’m tired of dumb people being able to vote.

  • Vivrant Thang said:

    Great post.

    I have already planned a getaway, leaving town two days after the election and I plan to “work from home” the day after. I work for an org VERY involved in this process, as in our endorsement was big news. So I’m weary on levels you can’t even imagine. I wrote a post on my first N word experience after phonebanking for O Man.

    So yes, I totally feel you.

    I can’t even consider thoughts of his safety right now. But I can totally imagine the picture you so humorously painted. *shudders at the thought*

    Hold on.

  • mofo said:

    Good post. I am election fatigued as well. I am stunned daily that this women is up on that stage debating Joe Biden. Wow. The winks, “say it ain’t so, Joes,” ” doggone it” and the droppin of the “g” are just to much for me. Unfortunately I think the bar was set low low low 8 years ago when George Bush and his, as you said, C-plus-ness, threw the bar on the floor. He makes Palin seem like the Valedictorian, or at least 1st runner up at the Miss Wasilia Pageant.

  • mofo said:

    Oh and if you are undecided at this point, I want to punch you in your face.

  • Qucifer said:

    Yeah the bar was so low that if she breathed and blink simultaneously with further incident, everyone would have given her a standing O

    Biden simply killed it though and no one is talking about that cause everyone is thinking: OMG she only said Is-real and mispronounced Ahmadinejad….

    cause we are talking about a man known as a bit of a loose cannon and a windbag and he was simply on.point!

    and she could go fuck herself with that “folksy” shit

  • Regina said:

    Great post!
    I just wish she had given Tina Fey a little more to work with, other than the winks, and cutsey sayings.

    a friend of mine emailed me that flow chart and it was funny but also sad.
    I’ll be glad when this mess is over…

  • clnmike said:

    Man I dont know what anyone else is talking about this has been the best election ever. I dont think anyone has focused this hard on the issues since Bill Clinton’s first run.

    After that the focus was always on the character of the opponents.

    Ironic that a black man running would cause the issues to be thrown into the lime light.

  • msladydeborah said:

    I voted today. It was quite an experience and different than during the primary. So it is a wrap for me personally.

    As far as the Mundane Mavericks are concerned:I was no more impressed during the debate than I was during the RNC speech given by her.

    She did make a major error.
    The question regarding the VP was some kind of wrong. I caught it as soon as the nonsense came from between her lipsticked lips. There is no clause in the Constitution that provides the VP with more powers than they have ever operated under. I have no doubt that the confusion that spewed from her lips is something that has been swirling around in her brain.

    She is really a piece of work and I am really pleased with how she is helping to split the GOP.
    Confusion, chaos and mayhem sounds like she is doing her job to me.

  • Undercover Black Man said:

    The good news is: Even the right-wing-slanted pollster Zogby determined that most viewers thought Biden won the debate. (Notwithstanding Sean Hannity’s instant post-game declaraction of “Sarah Palin shock-and-awe!”)

    I’m just glad Biden didn’t say something harsh to her. Like: “Shouldn’t you be breastfeeding your Mongoloid baby?”

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